Sharing data for AI in aviation

A FLY AI webinar moderated by Airbus
Fly AI

Sharing data for AI in aviation

Watch the fifth FLY AI webinar organised by EUROCONTROL and moderated by Airbus here.

FLY AI Data Sharing for AI

Romaric Redon Airbus




Léopold Viroles EASA

Airline best practices for data sharing & analytics

Jean Ruiz Carpio IATA

A European Strategy for Data

Federico Milani European Commission

“Data is the new oil”, “the more data the better” - these are just some of the slogans associated with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). Indeed a lot of the recent AI breakthroughs are based on machine learning and deep learning which rely on big amount of data for analytics at scale and to train an algorithm to do a specific tasks like classifying an object in an image.

This webinar will highlight how data sharing is enabling the development of new data analytics and AI capabilities for aviation, and present some of the challenges we are facing in terms of regulation, data collection, data governance, data quality as well as building trust between competitive actors.

Key takeaways from the webinar

  • AI is already creating value for aviation – many examples of existing and future AI applications;
  • Access to data is key if we want to unleash AI’s full potential for aviation;
  • Quality, security and governance of data are a must when sharing data, as well as building trust among competitive actors.

This online event is the fifth webinar in the joint “FLY AI” webinar series, which EUROCONTROL is organising on behalf of the European Aviation High Level Group on Artificial intelligence (AI).

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Romaric Redon

Head Advisor on Artificial Intelligence Technologies

David Marsh
David Marsh

Head of Business Intelligence & Statistics

Federico Milani
Federico Milani

Deputy Head of the Data Policy and Innovation Unit

Léopold Viroles
Léopold Viroles

Data4Safety Lead Analyst

Jean Ruiz Carpio
Jean Ruiz Carpio

Head Business Intelligence, Industry Data Management

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