Safety forum 2020

Airport Surface Risk

This 8th edition of the Safety forum will focus on airport surface risks. The event will be organised by EUROCONTROL, the Flight Safety Foundation's European Advisory Committee and the European Regional Airline Association and will take place at our Headquarters in Brussels.

Join us and be part of the more than 250 front line professionals, trainers and managers to hear presentations and discuss the Safety Forum’s findings on Safety & Procedures. The forum is a great opportunity to exchange industry best practices that can promote and improve the creation and application of safe procedures. During breakout sessions we will brainstorm ideas that can further improve the procedure creation and application process.

Airport Surface Risk

In aviation, the majority of accidents and incidents happen in and around airports, mainly during approach and landing.

As airspace safety risks are a very broad notion, we decided to narrow it down to issues around runway excursion, landing, take-off or line-up on the wrong surface and ground operations.

We are looking forward to exchanging ideas and experiences on the development of procedures, hearing about real-life cases, and sharing industry practices, new developments, new ideas, studies and more that will help or have helped to reduce the airport surface risk.

Without any doubt, we can learn from each other.

Call for presenters

The Organising Committee invites submissions to present as a Speaker. If you are interested, expect to present for 20 minutes. Your presentation (in MS PowerPoint) will not need supporting papers but, to make for a great programme, all submissions need to be accompanied by:

  • an abstract outlining the topic and
  • a short bio of the presenter.


We have three main topic areas for presentations that we believe we believe will be a good fit in our lineup, however, we are always open to new suggestions.

Runway excursion

  • Measurement and reporting of surface condition
  • Runway overrun awareness and alerting systems
  • Approach stability and destabilisation
  • The go around decision
  • Aircraft performance planning and programming
  • Local safety teams best practices

Landing, Take-Off or Line-Up on the wrong surface

  • Take-off / landing on the wrong surface
  • Lining up for take-off or Landing on the wrong surface
  • Take-off / landing clearance challenges
  • Control of ground vehicles on the runway surface
  • Airport signage and lighting
  • Taxiway designations
  • Local safety teams best practices

Ramp operations

  • Pushback procedure standardisation
  • Protecting the parked aircraft
  • Dangerous goods on the ramp
  • Wingtip clearance hazards
  • Control of aircraft during ground operations
  • Local safety teams best practices

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