Research and Innovation in AI for aviation

A FLY AI webinar moderated by the SESAR Joint Undertaking

Research and Innovation in AI for aviation

Watch this FLY AI webinar moderated by the SESAR Joint Undertaking live here!


FLY AI webinar “Research and Innovation in AI for Aviation”

Florian Guillermet SESAR JU

R&I in AI for Aviation. A Defence View

Ricardo Saenz Amandi GMV

Potential of AI

Robin Hughes LFV

Making it real. AI in Aviation

George Papageorgiou Honeywell


Hon. Prof. Dr. Hartmut Helmke DLR



This online event is part of the new FLY AI webinar series, which EUROCONTROL is organising on behalf of the European Aviation High Level Group on Artificial intelligence (AI) as a first step towards building an AI community of practice for aviation.

This second webinar, moderated by the SESAR Joint Undertaking, the technological pillar of the Single European Sky, will explore “Research and Innovation in AI for aviation”.

The progress made in the fields of machine learning and AI has opened the door to a myriad of applications in ATM. Many tasks in aviation, that can only be performed by humans today, have the potential to be performed collaboratively by hybrid human-machine team, enabling higher performance levels. AI-powered systems are being integrated into the cockpit and into systems on the ground, which is redefining the principles of pilot/ATC interactions.

The Single European Sky ATM Research programme (SESAR) has developed a portfolio of research and innovation projects pushing the boundaries of this technology and addressing the recommendations of the FLY AI report.

Fly AI report banner

FLY AI Report


A distinguished panel of experts will present ongoing cutting-edge research and innovation activities in the area of artificial intelligence for aviation and ATM and share their operational, defence, industry and academic perspectives:

Marouan Chida
Marouan Chida

Head of Digital Transformation & Innovation

Florian Guillermet
Florian Guillermet

Executive Director

Sameer Alam
Sameer Alam

Associate Professor, Nanyang Technological University, Deputy Director, ATM Research Institute, Co-Director, Saab-NTU Joint Lab, Singapore

George Papageorgiou
George Papageorgiou

Director of Advanced Technology

Robin Hughes
Robin Hughes

Director of Engineering

Ricardo Saenz Amandi
Ricardo Saenz Amandi

GMV Defence and Security Programmes Director

Hartmut Helmke
Hartmut Helmke

Scientific Researcher

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