Proving operations of drones with initial UAS traffic management (PODIUM) dissemination event

U-space? What works well? What can be improved?
Proving operations of drones with initial UAS traffic management

U-space promises to be a key enabler for the safe integration of increasing numbers of drones in our already busy skies! Drones providing societal and economic benefits. But how easy is it to use U-space services and technologies? And what are the benefits?

The EUROCONTROL-led SESAR Horizon 2020 PODIUM project has flown 18 operational scenarios using U-space services and technologies across 5 varied operational sites in Denmark, France and the Netherlands. Drone pilots, air traffic controllers, AFIS officers and nominal U-space supervisors have pushed the U-space envelope. Under the watchful eye of EUROCONTROL validation experts, they have been very open about what works well, and what needs to be improved!


Before publishing its final report, the PODIUM consortium seeks to share its insights and get feedback on its main conclusions and recommendations from a wider set of engaged stakeholders. This was the aim of the PODIUM dissemination event that took place at EUROCONTROL Headquarters, Brussels.


PODIUM conclusions and recommendations

Peter Alty and Anastasiia Sobchenko EUROCONTROL

Drones Paris Region Brétigny , France

Jean-Philippe Bonhomme EUROCONTROL

The Netherlands - User experiences

Joost Vreeken Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre

The Danish Demos - Regular Drone Operations in Hans Christian Andersen Airport

Janus Bill Andersen Integra Aerial Services

PODIUM and the Big U-space Picture


PODIUM Approach and Results

Laurence Rognin EUROCONTROL


Time Topic Speakers
9:30 Registrations  
10:00 Welcome and introductions  
10:10 PODIUM and the big U-space picture Peter Alty, EUROCONTROL
10:20 Demonstrations
  Flight preparation and authorisation at Groningen Airport Eelde Matthijs van Essen, Jasper van der Vorst, NLR and Dennis Bollen, Unifly
  BVLOS flight execution at Brétigny Nicolas Sonnet, Aéromapper and Jean-Philippe Bonhomme, Drones Paris Region
11:15 User experiences
  Hans Christian Andersen airport, Odense Janus Bill Andersen, Integra Aerial Services
  Groningen Airport Eelde/ Netherlands RPAS Test Centre, Marknesse Joost Vreeken, NLR
  Drones Paris Region, Brétigny Jean-Philippe Bonhomme, DPR
  Rodez-Aveyron airport - the ATC collaborative interface Alexandre Piot, Airbus
12:00 Buffet lunch
13:15 If you can’t measure U-space, you can’t improve it! EUROCONTROL validation results Laurence Rognin, EUROCONTROL
13:45 Panel sessions Facilitated by Jean-Philippe Bonhomme, DPR:​​​
  Operational and technical insights Bastien Mancini, DELAIR, Nicolas Sonnet, Aéromapper, Charles Dournel, SNA-S Rodez and Jasper van der Vorst, NLR
  Business perspectives Ellen Malfliet, Unifly, Brad Beach, SDU UAS Denmark, Alexandre Piot, Airbus
15:05 Main PODIUM conclusions - recommendations Anastasiia Sobchenko and Peter Alty, EUROCONTROL
16:00 Closing remarks/spare Peter Alty, EUROCONTROL


At EUROCONTROL, we led this joint effort of our partners - Airbus, DSNA, DELAIR, Drones Paris Region, Integra Aerial Services, Naviair, NLR, Orange and Unifly, with third-party support including many small and medium enterprises.


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