Presenting LDACS - A general introduction

A webinar series on a new aviation communication system
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The L-band digital aeronautical communication system (LDACS) is a modern and advanced air/ground secured communication technology that also has Navigation and Surveillance capabilities.

LDACS is now reaching sufficient technical and standardisation maturity and is considered a strong candidate to enhance the current and future mobile data link applications as part of the Future Communications Infrastructure (FCI).

In order to support any potential upcoming decisions on large scale demonstration and deployment, a series of four awareness webinars will be organised by SESAR JU and EUROCONTROL, together with panels of experts from ICAO, IATA, FAA, industry, ANSPs, Airspace Users, as well as Communication Service Providers.

This webinar will kick off a series of four 90-minute webinars. It will provide a general introduction to LDACS including the R&D, high-level capabilities and its place in global and local CNS/ATM strategies. 


Welcome and opening
Jacky Pouzet, Head of Communication and Frequency Coordination at EUROCONTROL

The motivation for LDACS
Vaughn Maiolla, Technical Officer, ICAO

Key considerations for future AOC/ATC Communications: IATA perspective
Noppadol Pringvanich, Head ATM Engineering & Aviation Radio Spectrum, IATA

The SESAR R&D perspective
Ruben Flohr, ATM Expert, SESAR Joint Undertaking

The FAA/NextGen perspective
Brent Phillips, Senior Systems Engineer,  Federal Aviation Administration’s NextGen Organization

LDACS Standardisation
Vaughn Maiolla, Technical Officer, ICAO

Questions and answers
Moderated by Jacky Pouzet & Philippe Sacre, EUROCONTROL

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The first in a series of four webinars. Next up...

MAY 2021

Technical details and capabilities of LDACS

June 2021

Deployment options and transition scenarios

September 2021

Economic and Business considerations for all stakeholders

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