Partnering for AI in aviation

A FLY AI webinar organised by EUROCONTROL

Partnering for AI in aviation

Watch the recording of this first FLY AI webinar organised by EUROCONTROL.



Applications of AI at Schiphol

Floris Hoogenboom Schiphol

Building the European AI on-demand platform

Violette Lepercq Thales

EASA & Thales Partnering for AI certification

Guillaume Soudain & Baptiste Lefevre EASA & Thales

This online event is part of the new FLY AI webinar series, which EUROCONTROL is organising on behalf of the European Aviation High Level Group on Artificial intelligence (AI) as a first step towards building an AI community of practice for aviation.

AI is already transforming the world and has enormous potential to help the aviation industry build back better, more sustainably and more resiliently.

Our first webinar will focus on the first recommendation of the FLY AI Group: the need for partnering to ensure a successful and rapid uptake of AI across key aviation sectors.

Key questions

The webinar will tackle the following key questions:

  • What are the main challenges aviation faces in implementing AI?
  • How can these challenges be addressed?
  • How can stakeholder partnership help accelerate implementation of AI solutions?
  • What lessons can we learn from practical experiences of partnering for AI in aviation?
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For this panel, we have lined up four experts in the field of AI to explore these questions and showcase examples of AI successfully applied to aviation.

Floris Hoogenboom
Floris Hoogenboom

Lead Data Scientist

Violette Lepercq
Violette Lepercq

European Project Manager

Baptiste Lefevre
Baptiste Lefevre

Advanced Technologies Regulation Manager

Guillaume Soudain
Guillaume Soudain

Software Senior Expert

Paul Bosman, Head of Network Management Infrastructure at EUROCONTROL, will moderate the webinar and set the scene for this new series exploring what AI can bring to European aviation as we look to build back from the pandemic and evolve.

Paul Bosman
Paul Bosman

Head of Network Management Infrastructure Division


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