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Operational Excellence Programme (ATS B2) Workshop - ADS-C Common Service CONOPS

The Operational Excellence Programme Workstream Topic 12.2 (ATS B2) Workshop on a Concept of Operations for the ADS-C Common Service took place as a hybrid event on 13 September 2022.

The benefit of this topic is to provide a coherent European phased approach to the deployment and harmonised use of ATS B2 standards for European trajectory-based operations (TBO) in partnership with all stakeholders. At its 6th meeting, the NDTECH working arrangement confirmed the activation of the workstream by prioritising support for the CP1 AF6 regulation on initial trajectory sharing (Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2021/116 of 1 February 2021).

The purpose of the workshop was to inform and consult operational, technical and industry stakeholders, on the concept of operations (CONOPS) that is being prepared for October 2022. It will lead to the preparation of complementary EUROCONTROL Specifications and Guidelines for the implementation of an ADS-C common service making use of SESAR validations (PJ31) and demonstrations (PJ38) which will be published before the end of 2023.

The workstream topic is co-led by EUROCONTROL ([email protected]) and SDM ([email protected]) who may be contacted for further information.

Operational Excellence Programme workshop - Presentations

Operational Excellence Programme workshop - Summary Notes

Concept of operations

Following this workshop event, the CONOPS has been amended and now released as proposed edition 1.0. For more information, read the Concept of Operations, "OEP WST 12.2 CONOPS: ATS B2 early deployment in the systems".



Agenda item Subject Start time
1 Welcome 13:00
1.1 Welcome address  
1.2 Workshop objectives and expectations  
2 Rationale for the CONOPS development 13:10
2.1 CP1 AF6 Regulatory Context  
2.2 Operational Excellence Programme (Work Stream 12.2 on ATS B2), overview of deliverables and schedule  
2.3 Need for a CONOPS for ADS-C common service  
3 General Overview of CONOPS 13:30
3.1 Approach and thematic structure  
3.2 CONOPS Theme 1 - CM Logon  
3.3 CONOPS Theme 2 - Service Transitions and Evolutions  
3.4 CONOPS Theme 3 - ADS-C Common Service  
3.5 CONOPS Theme 4 - ATS Procedures  
Coffee break 14:40 - 15:00
4 Open discussion including Q&A 15:00
4.1 Workshop on-line questionnaire  
4.2 Presentation of the on-line questionnaire results  
4.3 Discussion on the CONOPS content and received comments  
5 Workshop Outcome 16:30
5.1 Identify workshop feedback and stakeholder engagement  
5.2 Confirmation of CONOPS approach and content  
6 Next steps 16:50
6.1 Comment period (2 weeks) and CONOPS dedlivery  
7 Conclusions and Closure  
Workshop closure 17:00


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The Operational Excellence Programme

The specific workstream topic 12.2 has been launched by the NDTECH working arrangement and addresses topics overseen by the JCSP and IMT working arrangements.