Lessons learned from drone deliveries

A European Network of U-space Demonstrators webinar
Drone flying through a city

Current restrictions imposed across Europe due to COVID-19 have resulted in an enhanced need to deliver medical equipment quickly between hospitals, monitor movement of people in cities under restrictions, and limit tasks that require face-to-face interaction by having them performed by drones. This has further emphasised the need for U-space to enable management of unmanned traffic in very low level airspace in a safe and efficient manner.  

To this end, we are organising a series of webinars, where members of the European Network of U-space Demonstrators from across Europe will share their U-space knowhow and experience.

In this first edition of our webinar series, we discussed: 

  • lessons learned from parcel delivery in the UK;
  • drone deliveries, UAS traffic management (UTM), detect and avoid (DAA) and how to move from segregated to unsegregated airspace.

This first webinar in our series consisted of presentations from U-space leaders, followed by a panel discussion.


Unmanned Technology and Package Delivery

Bryce Allcorn Consortiq

Drone deliveries

Duncan Walker Skyports


Bryce Allcorn
Bryce Allcorn
Principal Consultant & Head of Global Ops
Duncan Walker
Duncan Walker


Munish Khurana
Munish Khurana
Business Development

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Drone flying through a city

Airspace assessment (UAM) and a Military perspective of U-space

Drone flying through a city

UAM market development and drone delivery applications


On 19 October 2018, the European Commission launched the European Network of U-space Demonstrators to support U-space projects and solutions. The network is a forum to share U-space lessons learned to accelerate transition from demonstrations to implementation, whilst ensuring drone operations are safe, secure and green. More info on our dedicated pages.

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