EUROCONTROL iNM industry day

Building tomorrow’s high-performance IT platforms and systems today
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The EUROCONTROL Network Manager is about to embark on a major modernisation programme to replace its current core systems, enabling the NM to lead the digital transformation of air traffic management over the coming decades.

The new iNM system will replace legacy ATFCM systems like ETFMS, the Enhanced Tactical Flow Management System and IFPS, the Integrated Flight Plan Processing System, as well as several airspace aeronautical databases.

The iNM Industry Day on Friday 6 December at EUROCONTROL HQ is designed to brief industry on our needs ahead of the release of Calls for Tender in early 2020, with the goal of awarding contracts by December 2020.

About iNM

Part of a long-term investment programme, iNM will replace the EUROCONTROL Network Manager’s legacy systems with the latest technology. iNM will maintain our exemplary operational standards of safety and reliability, while improving network capacity and flight efficiency.

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Attendance is free of charge, but by invitation only. If your organisation would like to participate, please submit your registration request below and we will get back to you to confirm. Please note that there is a maximum of three participants per organisation; each person should complete a separate registration form.

Registrations close on 4 December 2019 at 13:00.