ICNS Virtual Conference

Agility and Sustainability: Embracing rapid evolution and uncertainty
ICNS Virtual Conference

EUROCONTROL is delighted to be once again part of the ICNS Conference which is taking place virtually on 20-22 April, under the theme of “Agility and sustainability: Embracing rapid evolution and uncertainty”.

ICNS is the annual, must-attend event for anyone working in the field of communication, navigation, surveillance (CNS), organised under the auspices of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), in cooperation with the FAA, NASA and EUROCONTROL.

ICNS Virtual Conference

Paul Bosman, Head of the Infrastructure Division, in EUROCONTROL Network Management Directorate will be moderating the opening panel on “Global Harmonisation: new opportunities and unforeseen issues”, together with Donald Ward, U.S. Commissioner at ICAO.

In this session, key aviation players will explore the technical and operational impacts of COVID-19 on aviation, globally. Airbus and Boeing will provide insight to their plans for moving forward towards the future, taking into consideration these new challenges while also taking advantage of new opportunities which have presented themselves. Another topic under discussion is the disruption and interference to aviation spectrum. Experts will discuss what aviation can do to try to protect and maintain this limited resource when accounting for a range of different factors, including interference, jamming, changes by national regulators and the expected growth from existing air traffic and new entrants.

On day two, the focus will be on the future and what is in store for the global  aviation community. International experts will discuss the need to speed up the introduction of new technologies, including artificial intelligence and the need to accommodate new entrants such as UAS and space vehicles.

Finally the third day will look at evolving ICNS technologies for drones and advanced air mobility (AAMs) vehicles. AAM vehicles are not far behind, bringing rapid, reliable transportation to congested urban areas. To support these operations, coordination is required in low altitude airspace to ensure safety, efficiency and equal access.

The full event agenda and online registration form are available here.

Registration for this year’s event is free.