FLY AI Forum 2024

How is AI shaping aviation?
FlyAI Forum 2024

In partnership with the FLY AI group members

FlyAI Forum 2024 partnerships

The second edition of our FLY AI Forum will take place on 29-30 April 2024 at our Brussels Headquarters. At the event we will be reviewing the rapid uptake of artificial intelligence (AI) in aviation with the people who are making this happen.

Organised on behalf of our FLY AI partners - the European Commission, EASA, ASD, CANSO, EDA, EUROCAE, IATA, IFATCA, IFATSEA, ACI EUROPE, NATO and the SESAR 3 JU, the FLY AI Forum will showcase the latest AI-based applications in aviation and explore what can be done to push AI uptake in our industry even further.

FLY AI Forum 2024

How is AI shaping aviation?

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Watch recording

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FLY AI Forum 2024



About this event

In partnership with the FLY AI group members

FlyAI Forum 2024 partnerships

The second of edition of our FLY AI Forum took place on 29-30 April 2024 at our Brussels Headquarters. At the event we reviewed the rapid uptake of artificial intelligence (AI) in aviation with the people who are making this happen.

Organised on behalf of our FLY AI partners - the European Commission, EASA, ASD, CANSO, EDA, EUROCAE, IATA, IFATCA, IFATSEA, ACI EUROPE, NATO and the SESAR 3 JU, the FLY AI Forum showcased the latest AI-based applications in aviation and explored what can be done to push AI uptake in our industry even further.

Showcase your AI project to fellow participants!

We would love to hear about your organisation's experience with AI, to feature as one of the event’s use cases profiling AI success stories that have boosted business and/or improved processes in our sector.

Proposals should contain a short summary of the application(s), the benefits it provides to your organisation, its maturity stage and whether you could give a live demo at the event.

Proposals should be submitted by 2 February 2024 under one or more of the following topics selected by the FLY AI Forum Committee:

  • Research and innovation: How AI/ML can enable new solutions and services for aviation
  • Regulation and standardisation: How AI/ML can comply with the European regulatory framework or standards under developments
  • AI in the network: How AI/ML can optimise the performance of the European aviation network
  • Flying with AI: How AI/ML can enhance for example flight operations, or contribute to reduce aviation’s environmental footprint
  • Human teaming: How AI/ML can support human operators and foster collaboration across the aviation chain
  • Trustworthy AI: How we can ensure the safety, security and ethical dimension of AI solutions
  • Performance improvements with AI: How AI/ML can contribute to aviation key performance indicators such as capacity, efficiency, cost, environment, resilience, etc.
  • AI evolution: What new promising AI technologies could be exploited in aviation.

Please submit your proposals using the online form below.

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Download the agenda and exhibition floor plan in PDF format.

08:30 - 10:00

Registration & welcome coffee

Moderated by:

10:00 - 10:15

Welcome by Tony Licu, Acting Head of NM Technology Division & Head of the Digital Transformation Office, EUROCONTROL

10:15 – 12:00

Session 1: Research and Innovation

This first session will provide an overview of key European research and innovation programmes in artificial intelligence (AI) for air traffic management (ATM).

Starting with an overview of all SESAR AI-related research projects, the SESAR JU will present its strategic orientations and AI research needs for ATM.

ANITI CEO will take participants through the latest trends in AI that could further shape the future of aviation.

NATS will present its Project BlueBird, the first AI system to control a section of airspace to be demonstrated in live shadow trials based on a digital twin of UK airspace.

EUROCONTROL experts will then present our latest AI products which have been successfully developed and deployed for airlines and airports as well as by our Network Management Operations Centre in order to improve aviation performance and its new AI-based platform directly enhancing the accuracy of NM systems.

Moderated by:

Ruben Flohr
SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking

Keynote speaker:
Andreas Boschen, SJU

Romaric Redon, ANITI
Richard Cannon,  NATS
Alessandro Prister,  SJU & Jason Gauci, University of Malta, Aurélie Peuaud, ENAC, Aurelie Aurilla Arntzen, University of South-Eastern Norway, Gabriella Gigante, CIRA (the Italian Airspace Research Centre)
Camille Anoraud & Benjamin Cramet, EUROCONTROL

Download the presentations

AI Trends

Romaric Redon ANITI

Project Bluebird

Richard Cannon NATS

SESAR JU Artificial Intelligence Work Programme

Alessandro Prister SESAR Joint Undertaking

ASTRA - AI-enabled tactical FMP hotspot prediction and resolution

Jason Gauci & Ludovica Mauriello University of Malta


Aurélie Peuaud ENAC

An AI-based Vision Framework for a safe Drone’s Operations in restricted and urban area - AI4HyDrop

Aurélie Aurilla Arntzen University of South-Eastern Norway


Gabriella Gigante CIRA (the Italian Airspace Research Centre)

From Ideas to Ops Room: Leveraging AI R&I for Operational Benefits

Camille Anoraud and Benjamiin Cramet EUROCONTROL
12:00 – 13:30

Lunch break & tour of exhibits

13:30 – 15:00

Session 2: Regulation and standardisation

In view of the upcoming publication of the EU AI ACT and the preparation of the EASA AI regulation for aviation, the European Commission and EASA will brief participants on the AI regulatory frameworks, using real use cases to explain the various steps required for the certification of an AI-based aircraft equipment.

Finally, an update on the latest AI standardisation activities for aviation will be provided by CEN/CENELEC and EUROCAE.

Moderated by:

Guillaume Soudain

Antoine Alexandre André, European Commission
Francois Triboulet, EASA
Patrick Bezombes, CEN/CENELEC
Anna Guégan, EUROCAE

Download the presentations

Session 2: AI regulation, standardisation and application

Guillaume Soudain EASA

The AI Act and its impact on the aviation sector

Antoine-Alexandre André European Commission

AI trustworthiness guidelines

Francois Triboulet EASA

A sneak peek into ML certification using EASA First Usable Guidance for Level 1 AI/ML applications


CEN-CENELEC JTC 21 (artificial intelligence) activities in the context of the AI act

Patrick Bezombes CEN/CENELEC

WG-114 AI Standards in Aviation

Anna Guégan EUROCAE
15:00 – 15:45

Coffee break & tour of exhibits

15:45 – 17:30

Session 3: Improving the network's performance with AI

In this session, EUROCONTROL, ENAV and NAV CANADA will present several AI applications supporting the ATM sector’s operations and their performance. FREQUENTIS will explain how AI can deliver NOTAMs in an easy, digestible and intelligent manner to the user. Finally, Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) will present how AI will improve the optimisation of runway use at several German airports.

Moderated by:

Paul Bosman

Emilien Robert, EUROCONTROL
Shavin Fernando, NAV CANADA
Alessandro Longobardi, ENAV
Dirk Zinkhan, Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD)
Catalin-Sergiu Cristea, FREQUENTIS

Download the presentations


Emilien Robert EUROCONTROL

Digital Twin Sector Performance Optimizer (DT-SPO)

Shavin Fernando NAV CANADA

STORY (Speech Transcription fOR safetY)

Alessandro Longobardi ENAV


Dirk Zinkhan, Anneliesa Greisbach, Björn Zurmaar, Christina Klüver Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD)

NOTAM WINGMAN: AI-driven Optimization of Operational NOTAM Management

Sergiu Cristea FREQUENTIS
17:30 – 19:00

Networking drink & tour of demos

08:00 - 09:00

Registration & welcome coffee

09:00 - 09:05

Opening by Paul Bosman, Head of ATM Infrastructure, EUROCONTROL

09:00 – 10:30

Session 4: Flying with AI

This session will complement session 3 and showcase how AI:

  • is being embraced by airlines;
  • can facilitate drone operations;
  • can be used to shape a full range of new capabilities and services.

The topic of sustainability with an overview of the results from ongoing contrails detection activities will end this session.

Moderated by:

Romaric Redon

Christos Skliros, Hellenic Drones
Hicham Atassi, Honeywell
Nima Barraci, Lufthansa
Oğuzhan Doğan Albayrak, Sun Express & Emre Koyuncu, ITU
Gabriel Jarry, EUROCONTROL & Junzi Sun, TU Delft

Download the presentations

NEFELI - Automatic non-cooperative aircraft detection and collision estimaion for autonomous aircraft

Dr Christos Skliros Hellenic Drones

SESAR Darwin Project - Developing scalable human-AI collaborative systems for advanced operations

Hicham Atassi Honeywell

Where we come from, where we are & where we go - AI in our production

Dr Nima Barraci Lufthansa

AI-Enhanced Operations Shift Assitance – AIRMIND Module

Oğuzhan Doğan Albayrak & Emre Koyuncu SunExpress Airlines & ITU Aerospace Research Center

Contrail Detection and Modelling using Deep Learning


Contrail Segmentation With Deep Learning - Part II

Junzi Sun TU Delft
10:30 – 11:00

Coffee break & tour of exhibits

11:00 – 12:30

Session 5: Human-AI Teaming

This session will focus on human-AI teaming, a collaborative approach that combines human expertise with AI, providing different levels of assistance to the human (from augmentation to autonomy). Participants will discover the first results of the HAIKU and SESAR 3JU JARVIS research projects, which are both developing digital assistants in a variety of aviation contexts (ATM, airport, air operations & drones) and understand the essential role that these assistants could play in the near future

Human-AI teaming will be further illustrated in the specific case of SCRIBE, a speech-recognition tool already in operation in France and supporting operators in their safety responsibilities.

Finally, IFATCA will share their perspective on the operational uptake of AI and in the context of human-AI teaming.

Moderated by:

Barry Kirwan

Thomas Roques & Jérémi Carol, DSNA
Simone Pozzi, Deep Blue
Dmitrii Kirov, Collins Aerospace
Benjamin van der Sanden, IFATCA

Download the presentations

Scribe - ATC Speech Recognition

Thomas Roques & Jérémi Carol DSNA

Haiku - Overview of the project

Simone Pozzi Deep Blue

JARVIS - Just A Rather Very Intelligent System

Dmitrii Kirov, Anne Papenfuß, Elena Rankova Collins Aerospace, DLR

Human-AI teaming from an ATC perspectie - joint cognitive human machine systems

Benjamin van der Sanden IFATCA
12:30 - 14:00

Lunch break & tour of exhibits

14:00 - 15:30

Session 6: Transversal Areas of AI

In this session, our panellists will explore various transversal topics related to the use of AI in aviation, focussing on:

  • new cybersecurity threats;
  • promising technical solutions, system architecture and human responses from aviation;
  • pros and cons of AI implementation, including ethical, privacy and societal considerations.

Moderated by:

Enrico Parini

Monika Adamczyk, ENISA
Isidoros Monogioudis, EDA
Theodore Kiritsis, IFATSEA
Ender Çetin, Barcelona Technical University (UPC)
Bahtiar Mustafa, EUROCONTROL

Download the presentations

Counter Drone Systems

Dr. Ender Çetin Barcelona Technical University (UPC)

The ATSEP Role in CNS/ATM Cybersecurity events

Theodore Kiritsis IFATSEA
15:30 – 16:00

Close-out and Wrap-up


Our FLY AI Forum focuses on the practical application of artificial intelligence in aviation and is ideal for:

  • Engineers and experts already actively working in the domain of AI
  • AI project managers and data scientists
  • Everyone with a vested interest in AI for aviation.

Registrations are closed as the event has reached capacity. The event will be livestreamed on this page, but no online participation is possible (i.e. asking or answering questions).

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