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European Network of U-space Stakeholders Meeting in Amsterdam

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A meeting of European Network of U-space Stakeholders was held on 17 April 2024 in Amsterdam, as part of the Amsterdam Drone Week 24. The meeting was attended by over 200 people from Europe and by invited guests from non-European organisations, including FAA, Nav Canada, JAXA (Japanese research organisation), JCAB (Japanese CAA) and Atech (subsidiary of Embraer).

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Post-event summary

Key conclusions of the meeting were as follows:

  1. There is a continued need to focus on increasing societal acceptance of drones and how U-space can help achieve it; this is key to strengthening market growth and synergies across the European Union.
  2. National strategy of the Netherlands to implement U-space aims to leverage social and economic benefits through integrated air traffic management.
  3. Key lessons learned from executing airspace risk management by cities in Switzerland and Portugal:
    1. It is recommended to have a national U-space implementation strategy and to use the strategy in defining scope and objectives of the airspace risk assessment;
    2. Make conservative (realistic) assumptions when there is not enough drone flight data available;
    3. Seek a balance between honest mistakes and illegal actions of drone pilots;
    4. Identify all relevant stakeholders and actively involve them in the assessment from the first step;
    5. Identify and agree on a clear mandate as well as scope of the air risk assessment upfront;
    6. Spend time in the assessment phase to clearly understand each hazard and its consequence from the perspective of all stakeholders; different actors will see a hazard in a different way; and
    7. Stay flexible in your approach as one might need to go back and forth to refine objectives of the assessment.
  4. Mobile telephony can help to provide network remote id and position accuracy of drones, but many challenges remain in defining and implementing required performance requirements;
  5. Better engagement with the business community is needed to ascertain the need for creating U-space airspaces. A good living example is the port industry that has a business case on how U-space can provide business benefits to them.
  6. The meeting attendees appreciated an open forum for discussing lessons learned on technical and operational challenges they face in implementing U-space.  They requested more workshops in the future on sharing lessons learned from ongoing airspace risk assessments, impact of weather on U-space and bringing business community (representing demand) closer to suppliers of U-space.

The next meeting will be held on 5 September 2024 in Vilnius and registrations for the meeting will begin before the end of July 2024.

Download the presentations:

Opening of the European Network of U-Space Stakeholders

Munish Khurana EUROCONTROL

Current status of the EU drone strategy 2.0

Joachim Lücking European Commission, DG MOVE

Lessons learned from Airspace Risk Assessment

Larissa Haas & Santiago Llucià Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation

U-space ARA Portugal

Fábio Nuno Camacho Portuguese CAA

Lessons learned in ARA - EUROCONTROL experience in STS

Norberto Vela Velez EUROCONTROL

FlightAware Partnerships - Data Informing UTM

Dre Feeney FlightAware

Mobile Networks providing Advanced Connectivity and Capabilities for U-Space

Patrick Jestin Ericsson

Command & Control vs MNO

Sebastian Babiarz Droneup

MNO positioning

Han De Glint KPN

Mobile Connectivity for UAS

Barbara Pareglio GSM Association

Communication performance for survillance and separation provision in the U-space

Juan Vicente Balbestre Tejedor UPV

Plenary discussion & Conclusion

Robin Garrity & Munish Khurana SESAR JU & EUROCONTROL


Time Session Speaker
09:00 - 10:00 Registration and morning networking coffee
10:00 - 10:10 Welcome and introduction Munish Khurana, EUROCONTROL
10:10 - 10:25 Keynote: Current status of EU Drone strategy 2.0 Joachim Luecking, DG Move
10:25 - 10:45 Presentation: U-Space Implementation Approach of the Netherlands – An update Wilbert Ritsema, Rijkewaterstaat
10:45 - 12:30 Workshop 1: Lessons learned from Airspace Risk Assessments Moderated by Maria Algar Ruiz, EASA
  • Larissa Haas, FOCA, and Santiago Llucià, City of Zurich
  • Fabio Camacho, Portuguese CAA
  • Norberto Vela Velez, EUROCONTROL
  • Vries Strookman, City of Amsterdam
12:30 - 14:00 Networking lunch
14:00 - 14:15 Geospatial infrastructure for U-space Dre Feeney, FlightAware
14:15 - 16:00 Workshop 2: Performance of mobility telephony to provide Network Remote ID and position accuracy of drones Moderated by Andrew Hately, EUROCONTROL, and Stephane Vaoubourg, EASA
  • Patrick Jestin, Ericsson
  • Sebastian Babiarz, Droneup
  • Han De Glint, KPN
  • Barbara Pareglio, GSM Association
  • Prof Juan Vicente Balbestre Tejedor, UPV
16:00 - 16:30 Afternoon networking coffee
16:30 - 17:25 Plenary discussion, and Q&A – Moderated session Robin Garrity, SESAR JU
17:25 - 17:30 Conclusions and Next Steps Munish Khurana, EUROCONTROL
17:30 End of meeting
18:00 Networking drinks

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