EUROCONTROL's NM24.0 Release webinar

At EUROCONTROL's Network Manager, we update our operational systems in order to ensure that they deliver on the network's requirements for today and tomorrow. We are aware that such updates may have an operational and technical impact on our users and we aim to make these transitions as smooth as possible. 

To this end, EUROCONTROL organised a webinar to run you through the latest changes and new operational features brought by NM24.0. During our presentation, we introduced the latest features of the NM24.0 Release.

This allows you to then assess the impact of our latest release on your systems, procedures and interfaces. Stakeholders were able to raise questions and comments on these features, as well as future developments. Our experts were there to help answer any of your operational questions.

Watch the webinar and download the presentation

2020-2021 Release Notes

All new or modified functions delivered by the EUROCONTROL Network Manager as part of our software releases in one document.

NM24.0 May scope presentation

Watch our May webinar for the full overview of features and updates to come in our new release.