EUROCONTROL's NM24.0 Release webinar

At EUROCONTROL's Network Manager, we update our operational systems in order to ensure that they deliver on the network's requirements for today and tomorrow. We are aware that such updates may have an operational and technical impact on our users and we aim to make these transitions as smooth as possible. 

To this end, EUROCONTROL is organising a webinar to run you through the latest changes and new operational features brought by NM24.0. During our presentation, we will introduce the latest features of the NM24.0 Release which will be rolled out in April 2020.

This will allow you to then assess the impact of our latest release on your systems, procedures and interfaces. You will also be able to raise any questions and  comments on these features, as well as future developments. Our experts will be there to help answer any of your operational questions.


The webinar is open to anyone interacts in the EUROCONTROL Network Manager, including (but not limited to) representatives and operations specialists from airport , air navigation service providers, airspace users, aircraft operators, computerised flight plan service provider and flow management positions.

To receive your attendance link and instructions on how to join the webinar, please fill out our form below. You will then receive additional instructions on how to join the webinar.

We take data management seriously.
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Provisional agenda

  1. Welcome and introduction;
  2. Important notifications regarding the NM24.0 Release;
  3. Presentation per Functional Block for the following Programmes:
    • Airport-Network Integration
    • Airspace Management and Advanced FUA (Flexible Use of Airspace)
    • CTM (Cooperative Traffic Management)
    • EAIMS (European ATM Information Management Service)
    • Flight Efficiency Initiative
    • Flight Plan and Flight Data Evolution (FPFDE)
    • Free Route Airspace (FRA)
    • n-CONECT
    • Operations Improvements
  4. NM24.0 OPT (Operational Testing) and way forward

Download the 2020-2021 Release Notes

This document describes the new or modified functions delivered by the EUROCONTROL Network Manager as part of the Network Manager software releases which affect external users.

Can't join?

No problem, we will record the presentation for your convenience. A few days after the event, you will be able to watch the full presentation here.