EUROCONTROL's NM-27.0 Release Webinar

EUROCONTROL’s Network Manager is organising a webinar to bring you up to speed on the NM-27.0 Release and the impact it might have on your operations.

During this webinar, we will touch upon:

  • a presentation of the NM-27.0 release deployment schedule;
  • a presentation of the NM-27.0 release features, with a view on the impact on stakeholders’ operations, and CP1;
  • the most important notifications regarding the NM-27.0 release;
  • your questions regarding the many NM-27.0 projects.

Download the presentation

NM-27.0 Release Webinar


Who is this for?

All stakeholders would benefit from the webinar and are welcome to join. It will be especially useful for individuals involved in the development of operational procedures, in operations in general, or in NM B2B services consumption.

The webinar mostly took the form of a Q&A session on all strategic projects and domains addressed in the NM-26.0 Release Notes.
To that extent, we would like you to read the latest edition and the annexes, and send us your questions via the link below. Kindly note that all questions will be treated anonymously. The priority will be given to the questions posed by stakeholders in a written form prior to the webinar, make sure to send yours on time!

During this webinar, we touched upon:

  • a presentation of the NM-26.0 release deployment schedule;
  • the most important notifications regarding the NM-26.0 release;
  • your questions regarding the many NM-26.0 projects;
  • some early information about the NM-27.0 scope.

NM-27.0 Release Notes

The sixth edition of the EUROCONTROL NM-27.0 Release Notes is now available and can be downloaded below.

Send us your questions

Please do not hesitate to share your questions with us in advance to help us to deliver a comprehensive and useful webinar!

Submit your questions!

Submit your questions in advance so that we can discuss them during the webinar.


Watch our webinar and download the presentation below