EUROCONTROL Stakeholder Forum on sustainable aviation fuels

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Stakeholder forum

In this webinar, we aim to explore the huge potential of sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) for driving down aircraft emissions, whilst enabling business to grow sustainably.

Along with future hybrid, electric or hydrogen-powered aircraft, SAFs represent one of the most promising solutions for a sustainable aviation future. However, this potential is largely untapped as such fuels represent only 0.05% of total jet fuel consumption.

But how quickly can we expect the uptake and production of SAF to increase and what will the impact of the ReFuel EU Aviation Initiative proposed in July be in this context?

For this timely discussion, we have lined up top players from the aviation world and the European Commission who will be providing a clearer picture of what is planned on the regulatory, operational and manufacturing level in order to boost the production and supply of SAFs and get us closer to aviation’s decarbonisation goals. Join them and submit your questions by registering below or watch our YouTube and LinkedIn livestreams.

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EUROCONTROL Stakeholder Forum on intermodal transport and regional connectivity

Watch the recording of our strategic webinar where we will tackle how airports and cities can help develop a multimodal transport ecosystem that improves the mobility offer for citizens.

SSMS and TEN-T policy

Herald Ruijters European Commission

Aachen‘s Way Towards the Future of Mobility

Mirijam Böhme City of Aachen

Strategic webinar on intermodal transport and regional connectivity


As Europe works to deliver green, smart and safe mobility for its citizens, in line with the European Commission’s Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, we take a closer look at some ongoing initiatives aimed at improving regional connectivity & intermodal transport – key drivers in Europe’s fundamental transport transformation.

Join us for our strategic webinar on intermodal transport and regional connectivity, where we will be looking for answers to the big questions like:

  • How can airports and cities help develop a multimodal transport ecosystem that improves the mobility offer for citizens, while at the same time contributing to the European Commission’s strategy to reduce transport-related greenhouse gas emissions by 90% by 2050?
  • How do we connect Europe with modern, multimodal and safe transport infrastructure networks, shifting towards low-emission mobility?
  • How do we connect application sectors to create the ecosystem for mobility services in an intermodal world and shorten go-to-market times?
  • How can intermodal transport contribute to achieving EC’s Smart and Sustainable Mobility Strategy?
  • And how, as our recent Think Paper on “Plane vs train: getting the balance right” underlines, can multimodal solutions combining air and rail impact positively on sustainability and connectivity?


Flor Diaz Pulido
Flor Diaz Pulido

Head of Unit Aviation Policy

Jonas Abrahamsson
Jonas Abrahamsson


Brian Moran
Brian Moran

Vice President, Global Sustainability Policy & Partnerships

“I look forward to moderating the three-way discussion and explore the huge potential of sustainable aviation fuels.”

Marylin Bastin
Marylin Bastin

Head of Aviation Sustainability


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