EUROCONTROL Stakeholder Forum on building aviation cyber-resilience

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EUROCONTROL Stakeholder Forum on building aviation cyber-resilience

Watch our technical webinar tackling whether aviation is resilient enough to cope with the rising tide of cybercrime.

This latest technical webinar in the EUROCONTROL Stakeholder Forum series on will explore one of the hot topics of the year:

Is aviation resilient enough to cope with the rising tide of cybercrime?

As our July 2021 Think Paper #12 on cybercrime underlined, cyber-attackers pose a growing threat to the European aviation industry, and in particular airlines, with attacks eating into profits and productivity, and impairing business continuity.

Building cyber-resilience is essential, and we’ve put together a panel of leading cybersecurity experts from across the aviation value chain to share their extensive cyber experience, put the spotlight on best practices for successfully detecting and responding to cyber-attacks, and indicate the way forward.

Man holding an abstract cybersecurity orb

EUROCONTROL Think Paper #12

Faced with a rising tide of cybercrime, is our industry resilient enough to cope?


Frédérique Dauvillaire
Frédérique Dauvillaire

Product Security Incident Response Leader

Karl Castor
Karl Castor

IT Security Manager

Gerardo Sarmiento
Gerardo Sarmiento

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

“Looking forward to moderating this session and highlighting the value of cyber-resilience in the face of the ever-growing challenge of cybercrime in the aviation sector.”

Patrick Mana
Patrick Mana

Cyber-security Programme and EATM-CERT Manager


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