EUROCONTROL Network Manager User Week

Scalability and resilience to move the network forward

The EUROCONTROL Network Manager's User Forum is the yearly major air traffic management (ATM) event for European aviation's operational community. In 2021 we are bringing the event to you in a whole new virtual format - the EUROCONTROL Network Manager User Week.

In five days and five webinars, “Your Annual Operational Networking Event” will address key challenges of the European ATM network with a special focus on:

Scalability and resilience to move the network forward.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still having a serious impact on our industry and daily lives, we decided to try and make this annual must-attend ATM event as accessible as possible by going digital. 

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The big picture – a strategic view

How to prepare for what's to come and what can we do to improve our performance and preparedness?

Our keynote speakers are here to provide insights into what EUROCONTROL is doing to help make the network be more scalable and resilient.

Keynote speakers

Eamonn Brennan
Director General
Alain Bernard
COO-EVP operations and cargo
Air France
Iacopo Prissinotti
Director Network Management

Planning your operations – plan our work and work our plan together

Improving network performance through development and implementation of new operational concepts. Airspace Re-structuring and Operational Excellence – gate to scalability, sustainability and resilience.

*Time updated


  • Razvan Bucuroiu, EUROCONTROL
  • Stephanie Vincent, EUROCONTROL
  • Idalina Mendes, EUROCONTROL
  • Žiga Ogrizek, Slovenia Control
  • Raphael Eyrolle, Air France

Managing your operations in uncertain times

Network management operations towards the end of the pandemic, working hand in hand with our stakeholders. Future sustainable and efficiency driven opportunities for airports connected to the Network Manager.


  • Steven Moore, EUROCONTROL
  • Chloé Lapeyre, ANA VINCI Airports Portugal

The digital transformation at NM - preparing for integrated Network Management (iNM)

Our technology experts will share our vision on the evolution of NM operational applications towards new integrated Network Management (iNM) digital products such as iNM’s digital platform. We will illustrate how our present business-to-business (B2B) services will pave the way towards an integrated, high-performing, agile and scalable iNM operational network. We will show you how NM technology is using artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate the production process of EUROCONTROL operational business ideas and enhance an innovation culture. Last but not least, a representative of our users will testify about our services.


  • Enrico Vigliani, EUROCONTROL
  • Peter Naets, EUROCONTROL
  • Benjamin Cramet, EUROCONTROL
  • Sil De Gang, EUROCONTROL
  • Klaus Meier, Skyguide
  • Sergio Lupi, EUROCONTROL
  • François Triboulet, EUROCONTROL

ATM infrastructure – Plan, deploy and monitor together

Civil and military ATM infrastructure is the technical enabler for pilots and controllers to maintain the safe separation of aircraft. This infrastructure needs to further embrace digitalisation to boost performance, resilience & scalability. You will discover how the EUROCONTROL Network Manager is defending the ATM system against cyber threats, while treading cautiously but optimistically on the use of artificial intelligence. You will also learn about some of the key changes to be expected between now and 2030 for both ground infrastructure and avionics, and the role that Network Manager plays in supporting ANSPs, aircraft operators and airports. Infrastructure planning, deployment and monitoring are not immune to the challenges posed by decarbonisation and COVID-driven funding challenges - you will hear the latest thinking from Network Manager on these topics.


  • Paul Bosman, EUROCONTROL
  • Jörg Pikolin, Lufthansa
  • Patrick Mana, EUROCONTROL 
  • Nikos Fistas, EUROCONTROL

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