EUROCONTROL Network Manager User Forum 2022

Digital transformation for sustainable aviation
EUROCONTROL NM User Forum 2022

The EUROCONTROL Network Manager's User Forum is the yearly major Air Traffic Management (ATM) event for aviation's operational community and focuses this time on how the digital transformation of ATM will help aviation become sustainable.

After a virtual edition in 2021, the User Forum event returns in 2022 as a hybrid event with the possibility to participate onsite or online. We're now full for in-person attendees but you can still join us online.

An extensive programme is being prepared that will see active stakeholder participation during the various sessions that support this year's main topics:

  • Making aviation sustainable – a European ambition;
  • Summer 2022;
  • How the digital transformation journey will drive the coordinated implementation of operational concepts and technologies.

EUROCONTROL Network Manager User Forum 2022

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Opening Address

Eamonn Brennan EUROCONTROL

Making aviation sustainable – a European ambition

Marylin Bastin EUROCONTROL

Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS)

Alexander Vanwelsenaere skeyes

Optimized Vertical Flight Profiles – a Key to Greener Skies

Michael Hopp & Frank Lumnitzer Lufthansa Group

Summer 2021 - Network Performance


Summer 2021 - NMOC View

Munevver Celik EUROCONTROL

Summer 2021 - Operations Analysis


Summer 2021 - Aspects of recovery in 2021 - Chopin Airport perspective

Michal Witkowski Warsaw Chopin Airport

Looking back at 2021 - The DSNA perspective

Vital Bride DSNA France

Looking back at 2021 - Schiphol’s path to recovery

Jan-Kees Rem Royal Schiphol Group

Looking back at 2021 - The Vueling perspective

Oliver Iffert Vueling

Summer 2022 - Traffic

Stephanie Vincent & Marie-Laure Faure EUROCONTROL

Summer 2022 - NMOC contribution

Giovanni Lenti EUROCONTROL

Managing airspace density and traffic flows at strategic and tactical level

Razvan Bucuroiu, Tihomir Todorov, Jozsef Bakos, Jan Marko EUROCONTROL, HungaroControl, LPS SR Slovakia

NM Flight Efficiency

Boris Radovanović & Vincent Hilligers EUROCONTROL, KLM

Network Strategic Project Actions

Giuseppe Acampora EUROCONTROL

EUROCONTROL Aviation Learning Centre

Hendrick Dermont EUROCONTROL

iNM – integrated Network Management

Enrico Vigliani, Sil De Gang, Ralph Terrein, Jean-Michel Levrez EUROCONTROL

Next Steps for Deployment


Supporting Infrastructure Services


Supporting Infrastructure Services: EAD User Experience

Johan Caroen skeyes

EATM-CERT services

Andre Rungger Swiss International Air Lines


Iván Díaz Pérez ENAIRE

Monitoring Datalink

Nikos Fistas & Luc Chevalley EUROCONTROL, SKYGUIDE

Monitoring Surveillance

Eric Potier & Stuart McKay EUROCONTROL, UK CAA

Monitoring GNSS RF Interference


CNS monitoring expectations

Laurent Puzenat Air France

From Post ops to Realtime

About the Forum

Under the theme “Digital Transformation for Sustainable Aviation”, the EUROCONTROL Network Manager's User Forum 2022 brought together European aviation’s operational community at EUROCONROL’s headquarters in Brussels and virtually.

Over two days participants discussed operational solutions under the umbrella of today’s most pressing theme: how to make aviation more sustainable? The Forum was a great chance to see practical examples of how EUROCONTROL’s close collaboration with all operational stakeholders to make flights more efficient, optimally use airspace and measure environmental performance is enabling informed decisions to reduce aviation’s environmental impact.

For the EUROCONTROL Network Manager, digitalisation of air traffic management is the key to unlock the potential for more sustainable air traffic at the Network level, and iNM – the EUROCONTROL programme to modernise NM’s operational systems – is the way forward. iNM will make the EUROCONTROL Network Manager more efficient and thus more sustainable. Taking advantage of the latest technology to provide business continuity and manage an estimated 13.8 million flights by 2030 across the EUROCONTROL network, iNM will ensure that the EUROCONTROL Network Manager continues to optimise its support to aviation – keeping flight delays and environmental impacts to a minimum.

The event also included fascinating sessions on EUROCONTROL’s solutions to real ops problems and our services that improve operations and reduce stakeholders’ costs.

Photos from the event

Network Manager User Forum


08:30 - 09:30

Registrations and welcome coffee


Opening session

Antony Licu
Antonio Licu
Head of Safety Unit
Kenneth Thomas
Kenneth Thomas
Head of Office Network Management Director
09:40 - 10:00

Opening address

Eamonn Brennan
Director General
10:00 - 11:00

Making aviation sustainable – a European ambition

Building on the Paris Agreement and the European Green Deal, aviation has set itself the goal to reach net zero CO2 emissions by 2050. This session aims to present a general overview of what is being done to support the decarbonisation efforts of the European aviation sector with a focus on ATM.

Marylin Bastin
Marylin Bastin
Head of Aviation Sustainability

Alexander Vanwelsenaere, Senior Air Traffic Environment Expert, skeyes
Michael Hopp, ATM Development & Regulatory Affairs Flight operations, Lufthansa Group
Frank Lumnitzer, Senior Manager ATM Development and Stakeholder Relations, Lufthansa Group

Summer 2022
11:00 – 12:30

Looking back at 2021

This session will highlight the aspects of recovery in 2021, and the learning points from the different stakeholder areas. As such, it is an essential springboard from which the rest of the User Forum is launched; we will cover the performance of the Network in 2021, the view from representatives from ANSPs, Airlines, and Airports and the lessons learned.

Steven Moore
Steven Moore
Head of ATM Network Operations

Ged Boydell, Head of Operational Performance, EUROCONTROL
Munevver Celik, Network Operations Manager, EUROCONTROL
Michal Witkowski, Aerodrome Operations Director, Chopin Airport, Warsaw
Jan-Kees Rem, Senior Manager Process Performance & Improvement, Royal Schiphol Group
Vital Bride, Head of Airspace Domain, DSNA France
Oliver Iffert, Chief Operations Officer, Vueling

12:30 - 14:00

Lunch break

14:00 - 15:30

Summer 2022

This session will introduce the performance outlook for summer 2022, including the network measures aimed at mitigating performance in relation to the 4Flight transition at Reims ACC. Additionally, NMOC mitigation measures at pre-tactical and tactical level will be presented and discussed in more detail.

Antony Licu
Antonio Licu
Head of Safety

Stephanie Vincent, Head of Operations Planning, EUROCONTROL
Marie-Laure Faure, Strategic Operations Planning Expert, EUROCONTROL
Giovanni Lenti, Head of Network Operations Services & NMOC, EUROCONTROL

15:30 - 16:00

Coffee break

How the digital transformation journey will drive the coordinated implementation of operational concepts and technologies

Managing airspace density and traffic flows at strategic and tactical level

This session will address airspace design and utilisation aspects from the strategic level of expanding FRA implementation, including cross-border FRA, through RAD simplification, working with the airlines to have more efficient flight planning. The session will also address medium term developments related to new flight planning concepts in the context of FF-ICE.

Razvan Bukuroiu
Razvan Bucuroiu
Head of Airspace & Capacity

Tihomir Todorov, Head of Airspace Design Section, EUROCONTROL
József Bakos, Head of ATS Unit, HungaroControl
Ján Marko, Air Traffic Controller, LPS SR, Slovakia
Boris Radovanovic, ATCFM & Flight Efficiency Expert, EUROCONTROL
Vincent Hilligers, ATM regional manager Europe, KLM
Giuseppe Acampora, Head of the Project Coordination and Implementation Unit, EUROCONTROL

17:15 - 19:00

Networking event

08:00 - 09:00

Registrations and welcome coffee


Digital transformation through aviation learning

In recent years the NMD Training Division in Luxembourg has pioneered digital learning techniques, with a huge online offer that has further increased during the pandemic. In this session, we will explain what the Network Manager and its different stakeholders can expect in terms of aviation learning in the years ahead, outlining their multi-channel portfolio of classroom courses, on-line/virtual courses, e-learning and webinars. Its aim is to add value both in Europe and worldwide by offering training services that add value to its customers.

Hendrik Dermont
Hendrik Dermont
Head of Aviation Learning Centre
How the digital transformation journey will drive the coordinated implementation of operational concepts and technologies
09:15 - 10:30

iNM - supporting transformation in the Network

This session will provide an operational and technical status update of the iNM (integrated Network Management) programme activities, including:

  • The ongoing iNM software developments;
  • A detailed overview of the iNM integrated roadmap;
  • How the digital platform and data lake will support existing operational concepts;
  • The new release candidates and their impact on the users.


Enrico Vigliani
Enrico Vigliani
Chief Technology Officer

Sil De Gang, iNM Programme Manager, EUROCONTROL
Ralph Terrein, iNM Business Manager, EUROCONTROL
Jean-Michel Levrez, iNM Technical Manager, EUROCONTROL


Coffee break


Next steps for deployment

The much needed acceleration of the European ATM modernisation and digitalisation requires all operational stakeholders and EUROCONTROL Network Manager to be working even closer together. In this session, SDM will provide the latest information on CP1 including the results of the increased cooperation with NM which are in effect starting to create a single value chain.  

Paul Bosman
Paul Bosman
Head of ATM Infrastructure
Mariagrazia La Piscopia
Mariagrazia La Piscopia
Chief Strategy & Programme
SESAR Deployment Manager

Mariagrazia La Piscopia, Chief Strategy & Programme, SESAR Deployment Manager


Supporting infrastructure services

The supporting infrastructure services session will provide an insight into some of the common services already provided today, and new services foreseen for the future. Hands-on experiences from users will be shared, such as on the EATM-CERT and EAD and on fusing the various data services that are accessible through NM B2B with other SWIM-based data sources.

Dennis Hart
Dennis Hart
Head of Information and Cyber

Andre Rungger, Operation Research & ATM, Swiss International Air Lines
Johan Caroen, Head of AIM, skeyes
Iván Díaz Pérez, Head of Department – Operations Directorate, ENAIRE

13:00 - 14:00

Lunch Break

14:00 - 15:30

Monitoring Network performance

This session will provide an understanding of the CNS monitoring activities. Examples of events, anomalies and problem resolutions will be shared with users by users.

Pascal Dias
Pascal Dias
Head of CNS

Paul Bosman, Head of ATM Infrastructure Division, EUROCONTROL
Nikos Fistas, Datalink Programme Manager, EUROCONTROL
Luc Chevalley, Voice and Datalink Communications Project Manager, skyguide
Gerhard Berz, Senior Expert Navigation Systems and Spectrum, EUROCONTROL
Laurent Puzenat, CNS Project Manager, Flight Ops, Air France
Eric Potier, Head of CNS Monitoring, EUROCONTROL
Stuart McKay, Aeronautical Surveillance Policy Specialist, UK CAA
José Roca, Programme Manager, EUROCONTROL


Close out and wrap up

Iacopo Prissinotti
Director Network Management
Antonio Licu
Head of Safety
Kenneth Thomas
Head of Director Network Management Office


This user forum will be especially useful for everyone in the aviation community whose organisation wants to gain a greater understanding of, and appreciation for,  digital transformation for sustainable aviation and who are able to share their thoughts and experiences with others in a similar position.

COVID-19 measures

To ensure a safe working environment for everyone attending this event*, please note that you will need to present on the day a valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate, or a negative PCR test completed in the last 72 hours prior to the event, or proof of recent recovery from COVID-19 in the last 6 months. Please note that all visitors must additionally wear a mask at all times while visiting our premises except when they are speaking, or when they are eating and drinking (while observing social distancing).

Learn more about our COVID measures

*Please note that if you are coming from outside Belgium, you will also need to comply with Belgian rules regarding COVID which you can find at https://www.info-coronavirus.be/en/travels/

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