ECHO Workshop on Higher Airspace Demand

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ECHO Workshop

As part of the European Concept of Higher Airspace Operations (ECHO) project, EUROCONTROL is organising a three-day online demand and exploratory workshop. This will be the first in a series of workshops to outline the ECHO project activities and progress.

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The workshop is opened to everyone and aims to bring together the wide aviation community to:

  • review and provide feedback on the initial demand analysis for Higher Airspace Operations;
  • further discuss the principles agreed in the European Higher Airspace Operations;
  • focus on how to apply those principles to the Concept of Operations for Higher Airspace, which will be the main deliverable of the ECHO project.

During the workshop, our ECHO project partners will provide an overview of the status of the project and focus on the analysis of the demand for higher airspace on the basis of studies, use cases, principles to be able to predict the types of vehicles and their operational requirements.

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Visit our dedicated page to find out more on ECHO and the project partners.

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