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Digital Sky Challenge

Take-off to Athens to reinvent aviation

We are delighted to be involved in the Digital Sky Challenge taking place on 2-4 December in Athens. The 48-hour non-stop hackathon is hosted by Athens International Airport and organised by the SESAR Joint Undertaking, in collaboration with ACI EUROPE.

The event will see 60 coders undertake the challenge of solving real and pressing technological and business problems, based on real-life data, in the areas of airspace capacity flight safety, efficiency and aviation’s environmental impact.

The three best teams will be selected for their innovative digital solutions to aviation-related challenges in three categories: passenger experience, environment and safety.

Our contributions

Passenger experience challenge

EUROCONTROL’s Network Manager (NM) plays a key role in ensuring the smooth and efficient flow of flights across Europe. Our complete picture of the air traffic situation help to mitigate disruptions to passengers’ flights. For the event, we will provide full Summer 2019 flight and regulation data, including flight plan, delays, regulations and ADS-B position vectors data.

Environment challenge

EUROCONTROL helps to improve aviation’s environmental performance and efficiency. As part of the event, we will provide participants with flight movement and aircraft performance data to help them evaluate the impact of emissions. Our mentors - Benjamin Cramet, Robin Deransy and Stavros Stromatas - will also help the teams with information about the aviation's impact on the environment, systems and data.

Talents selection

The jury is comprised of SESAR Joint Undertaking, Athens International Airport, SESAR Deployment Manager, EASA, IATA and EUROCONTROL's Director of European Civil-Military Aviation, Philippe Merlo.


The winners will be announced in an award ceremony organised in the evening of 4 December in conjunction with the SESAR Innovation Days and the Airport Chief Executives’ Symposium.

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