AI training & change management in aviation

A FLY AI webinar moderated by IFATCA & IFATSEA
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AI training & change management in aviation

Watch the seventh FLY AI webinar moderated by IFATCA & IFATSEA.

Providing an Optimal Solution for Airport Air Traffic Control

Andy Taylor NATS

MUAC Flow & Capacity Management Improvements using AI

Roel Huurdeman & Herbert Naessens EUROCONTROL MUAC

Our seventh webinar in the “FLY AI” series takes a look at how AI and machine learning (ML) are set to transform the way in which frontline actors such as air traffic controllers, air traffic safety electronics personnel, pilots and others will perform their daily tasks and carry out their roles in the future – with some tasks fully automated or modified by AI/ML, as well as entirely new tasks and roles being introduced. The webinar will explore the following big question:

How will AI change the way air traffic controllers, pilots and other frontline actors do their jobs – and what will they need in terms of training & change management to be ready for a paradigm shift?

For this discussion, IFATCA and IFATSEA have put together a panel with AI expertise in key frontline roles, who will identify the key points that need to be considered as we prepare to embark on the transition to AI in aviation, and share their experiences and lessons learned from dealing with innovative AI/ML solutions in their business.


Ignacio Baca

Air Traffic Controller at Madrid ACC & Executive Vice-President Technical

Costas Christoforou

Supervisor ATSEP Engineer in Nicosia ACC & Director Europe

Stuart A. Clarke
Stuart A. Clarke

European Cockpit Association
Flight Safety Advisor

Herbert Naessens
Herbert Naessens

Team Lead Architecture & Systems Engineering and Project Manager Traffic Prediction Improvements, Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre

Roel Huurdeman
Roel Huurdeman

Head of Operations Capacity, Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre

Andrew D. Taylor
Andrew D. Taylor

Chief Solutions Office

This online event is the seventh webinar in the joint “FLY AI” webinar series, which EUROCONTROL is organising and moderating on behalf of the European Aviation High Level Group on Artificial intelligence (AI).

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