AI for cyber and cyber for AI

A FLY AI webinar moderated by EUROCONTROL
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AI for cyber and cyber for AI

Watch the sixth FLY AI webinar organised and moderated by EUROCONTROL.

AI-based document classification for cybersecurity

Patrick Mana and Julien Deblander EUROCONTROL

AI for Malware Hunting & Investigation in ATM system

Patrick REDON, Cybersecurity Architect Thales

Insider Protection - Data- driven approach based insider threat detection

Dalel Bouslimi & Adeline Courdé Airbus

The European Defence Agency perspective

Hannes Alparslan EDA

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have a key role to play in mitigating cyber risk in aviation by identifying and responding to cybersecurity threats. However, AI can also be deployed for malicious intent, with hackers using the technology to commit larger-scale and more efficient attacks.

How is AI improving cybersecurity – and how can we use AI to counter AI-powered cyber-attacks?

That is the big question on the table for our sixth joint “FLY AI” webinar. We lined up a panel of AI experts from different aviation organisations that helped us build a clearer picture of how we can strengthen aviation’s cyber-resilience using AI, and talked about the innovative AI/ML solutions that already exist to address cyber threats.

Main takeaways

  • AI/ML can definitely help cyber manage lots of data and complex contexts and facilitate human decision-making. But it’s not the silver bullet, in particular when it comes to training models in a cyber-related context
  • We are the beginning of a journey in the use of AI/ML in cyber with lots of opportunities ahead of us
  • Sharing experiences & lessons learned when using AI/ML in cyber is important – sharing apps would be ideal as sharing data is difficult
  • Making AI/ML more resilient to cyber threats is a must


Patrick Mana

Cybersecurity Programme & EATM-CERT Manager

Hannes Alparslan
Hannes Alparslan

Aviation Security Project Officer

Patrick Redon
Patrick Redon

Cybersecurity Architect

Julien Deblander
Julien Deblander

NM Lab, AI/Machine Learning Expert

Adeline Courdé
Adeline Courdé

Cybersecurity Product Manager

Dalel Bouslimi
Dalel Bouslimi

Cybersecurity Data Scientist

This online event is the sixth webinar in the joint “FLY AI” webinar series, which EUROCONTROL is organising and moderating on behalf of the European Aviation High Level Group on Artificial intelligence (AI).

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