AI in ATM: Enablers and use cases

A FLY AI webinar moderated by CANSO
Fly AI

Partnering for AI in aviation

Watch the recording of this first FLY AI webinar organised by EUROCONTROL.



Applications of AI at Schiphol

Floris Hoogenboom Schiphol

Building the European AI on-demand platform

Violette Lepercq Thales

EASA & Thales Partnering for AI certification

Guillaume Soudain & Baptiste Lefevre EASA & Thales

The availability of huge volume of data coupled with the growth of highly effective and efficient computing power enables the widespread use of artificial intelligence (AI) in air traffic management and related fields.

In this webinar, the third in the “FLY AI series”, we will be looking specifically at how AI can increase the efficiency of air navigation service provider services through a variety of new tools and systems.

An impressive panel of international AI experts from the aviation industry will explore the great potential that AI offers to ATM operations and discuss how we can bring AI into air traffic control systems looking at safety, trustworthiness and certification issues. A number of use cases will also be showcased where machine-learning has been successfully implemented in ATM.

This online event is the third webinar in the “FLY AI” webinar series, which EUROCONTROL is organising on behalf of the European Aviation High Level Group on Artificial intelligence (AI) as a first step towards building an AI community of practice for aviation.

This event, which CANSO is moderating, is also part of their webinar series which they are organising following the publication of the CANSO White Paper on AI applications in aviation industry.

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Patrick Souchu
Patrick Souchu

Programme Director. On behalf of CANSO.

Béatrice Pesquet-Popescu
Béatrice Pesquet-Popescu

Research & Innovation Director

Zoltán Molnár
Zoltán Molnár

Safety and Risk Management Expert

Eduardo Garcia
Eduardo Garcia

Manager European ATM Coordination & Safety

Firdu Bati
Firdu Bati

Manager, Analytics & New Entrants

Michael Poiger
Michael Poiger

Senior Lead Expert, Control Room Consulting

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