Human resources shaping the new future

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HR shaping the new future

On International Human Resources Day, 20 May 2021, EUROCONTROL is delighted to collaborate with AHRMIO, the global Association of Human Resources Management in International Organizations.

AHRMIO continues its breakthrough and innovative approaches to leadership development where decision makers, leaders and practitioners come together to discuss people leadership, trends and current issues, and envision the future state. The topic for this exciting AHRMIO webinar, celebrating IHRD, is “HR Shaping the New Future”. Connect with professionals across the globe and hear from the world-class speakers from different sectors address the topics that are on the minds of every organizational and business leader, and CHRO.


To address these topics that are on the minds of every organisation and business leader, AHRMIO has lined up an impressive panel of world-class speakers from different sectors:

Martha Helena Lopez
Assistant Secretary General for Human Resources
United Nations
Thierry Baril
Chief Human Resources Officer
Robin Lewis
Senior Human Resources Director
Cigna International Markets
Anna A. Tavis
Clinical Associate Professor and Academic Director of Human Capital Management,
New York University
Danijela Milić
Human Resources Policies Officer
United Nations/ICSC and AHRMIO Board Member

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The Association for Human Resources Management in International Organizations (AHRMIO) is dedicated to furthering the management of people in not-for-profit international organizations in the governmental and non-governmental sectors.