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21st International GBAS Working Group meeting

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After two years of pandemic-related interruption, the members of the International GBAS Working Group were glad to be able to meet again in person at EUROCONTROL’s Brussels Headquarters on 6‑9 September 2022 for the 21st International GBAS Working Group (I-GWG) meeting.

The FAA and EUROCONTROL co-chaired this annual event, which brought together the worldwide GBAS community, ranging from regulators, airlines, air navigation service providers, airborne and ground industry to the training and research community, for four intensive days of information exchange, technical and operational working sessions and informal gatherings.

The last meeting held in Denver in 2019 saw over 100 participants from 20 countries, 40% more than I-GWG/10 in Brussels in 2010, and after more than 190 participants in virtual meetings, we hope to at least match the 2019 attendance this year, as GBAS implementation has been progressing well despite the pandemic.

Over 15% of all flights in ECAC are now filing GBAS capability in their flight plans, and over 100 ground stations for public service are installed worldwide. Extension of GBAS to new GNSS constellations and new operations are planned to be standardised at ICAO, and the research community is making progress with the related monitoring concepts.

The I-GWG/21 meeting thus promised an exciting four days of exchanges on the GBAS technology and its application, which complemented and possibly replaced ILS as the main precision approach and landing system, while removing a number of ILS’s operational limitations, which prevent environmental and capacity benefits from being realised.

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The presentations and meeting recordings can be found on our Extranet  for individuals with access rights.