2023 Local Single Sky Implementation+ (LSSIP+) event

ATC in tower

The  event will bring together national focal points and experts involved in the air traffic management (ATM) modernisation implementation planning and monitoring activities carried out by EUROCONTROL together with the SESAR Deployment Manager and in collaboration with ICAO's European and North Atlantic (EUR/NAT) Office.

This year's event will focus on the planned and monitored evolution of CP1, ATM MP Level 3 and ICAO ASBUs, and will spotlight the purpose and use of the EUR RASP, Safety and Surveillance questionnaires.

The agenda of the day will also include a presentation of the timeline for the 2023 cycle and of the improved guidance material.

In addition, the event will provide an outlook on the future of European ATM modernisation activities.

2021 Local Single Sky Implementation+ (LSSIP+) event

Watch the 2021 LSSIP+ recording and download the presentations below.

Opening of the 2021 LSSIP+ Kick-Off Event


ATM modernisation implementation planning and monitoring activities:

  • Ensure the monitoring of CP1/the SESAR Deployment Programme through unified monitoring and reporting supported by the LSSIP+ tool
  • Provide a comprehensive picture of ATM modernisation across ECAC States, Israel and Morocco
  • Ensure that ICAO EUR Region States report to ICAO on their progress with the ICAO GANP ASBU modules
  • Allow the coupling of States’ performance plans with ATM evolution

Who can attend?

This event is open to all LSSIP, European Regional Aviation Safety Plan (EUR RASP) focal points and experts representing the States, national supervisory authorities, air navigation service providers, airports, aeronautical information services, meteorological and military organisations.

One-day event

EUROCONTROL will be holding this event at its headquarters in Brussels. Virtual access for remote participation will also be provided.

We encourage you to attend this one-day event in person in order to strengthen your LSSIP+ network, to exchange directly with participating experts and to join us in celebrating the 30th anniversary of the LSSIP process.

In addition, in the coming weeks, our LSSIP contact persons (CPs) will get in touch with the national LSSIP focal points to arrange for the meetings focused on the details of the LSSIP work at national/Functional Airspace Block level; these can be organised virtually or in person. This year, the SDM monitoring experts will also be attending the meetings.

The national LSSIP focal points will be asked to coordinate at national level with the local experts in order to decide when, how and/or where the second-day meeting with their CP will be held.

Video and webinar for newcomers

On 28 September 2023, we are planning to organise a "LSSIP+ webinar for all newcomers to the process" (maximum two hours, including Q&A).

During this session, newcomers will be introduced to ATM modernisation monitoring activities and briefed in detail on the LSSIP+ process. The objective of this session is to provide newcomers with a good understanding of the process and to foster efficient contribution to the 2023 cycle. The session may also be attended as a refresher session.

If you are interested in the webinar, or if you think someone in your State would benefit from it, please indicate this in the registration form. We will contact you to provide you with further details about the webinar.

Additional documentation/recordings with details on the specific topics of the agenda will also be shared with stakeholders prior to the event.


Time Session Presenter
08:30 - 09:30 Registration & welcome coffee
09:30 - 10:00 Start of the meeting
Opening keynotes.
Review and adoption of the agenda.
Iacopo Prissinotti, Director Network Manager
Mariagrazia La Piscopia, Executive Director of SESAR Deployment Manager
Focus on content
10:00 – 10:15 ATM Master Plan L3 Plan
Structure and updates for the new cycle.
10:15 - 10:35 ATM Master Plan L3 Report
Presentation of results of last cycle.
Tips on how to make a better reporting.
10:35 – 11:00 New Airport Objectives
Description and guidance on how to report
11:00 - 11:20 Coffee Break
11:20 – 12:40 CP1
SESAR Deployment Programme as a reference for CP1 implementation and monitoring.
SDM Monitoring Exercise.
AF6 – Initial Trajectory Information Sharing.
Monitoring of Military stakeholders (by EDA).
SESAR Deployment Manager
12:40 – 13:40 Lunch Break
13:40 – 14:00 ICAO ASBUs
Presentation of the latest ASBU Implementation Monitoring Report
ICAO activities status
Focus on questionnaires
14:00 – 14:20 EUR RASP
What, why – usage and benefits
14:20 – 14:40 SAF Questionnaires (GAPPRE & EAPPAIR)
What, why – usage and benefits
14:40 – 15:00 SUR Questionnaire
What, why – usage and benefits
15:00 – 15:20 Coffee Break
Focus on cycle 2023
15:20 – 15:40 Process and timeline
Description of the process and main deadlines of the cycle
New guidance material
15:40 – 16:00 Best practices EUROCONTROL
Outlook for the future
16:00 – 16:20 Post ATM MP L3 monitoring and reporting
Current activities, next steps and outlook of the future
16:20 – 16:30 Wrap-up & Closing keynotes
Activities of the Expert Group
16:30 End of the meeting


Join the event!

This event is open to all LSSIP focal points and experts representing States, NSAs, ANSPs, AIS, MET, airports and military organisations.

In order to comply with our security measures while coming on-site, we would also need some additional information from you. To this extent, please fill in hereunder your date of birth and nationality. Such information will be solely used for security reasons as specified above.

The webinar will take place on 28 September 2023 at 10:00 CEST. We will send you the link to register on Zoom in your confirmation email.
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