2021 Local Single Sky Implementation+ (LSSIP+) webinar for newcomers

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“LSSIP+ webinar for all newcomers to the process” will consist of a recorded lecture of a maximum of two hours via WebEx, including a Q&A session, with the aim of facilitating LSSIP+ related work during the 2021 cycle.

During this session, newcomers will be introduced to ATM monitoring, the ATM Master Plan (Level 3) and the LSSIP+ process details.

If you are interested, or if you think somebody in your State would benefit from it, please note this in the registration form. We will contact you to provide you with further details and the WebEx access to this webinar.

This session will be registered and available on request and on the LSSIP SharePoint site for those who cannot attend.

European ATM Master Plan (Level 3)/LSSIP+ PROCESS

The Master Plan Level 3/LSSIP Planning and Reporting process is vital in order to:

  • allow a comprehensive picture of ATM deployment across ECAC, Israel and Morocco (whether regulated or not);
  • ensure State reporting to ICAO (in the ICAO EUR Region) on their progress with the ICAO GANP ASBU modules;
  • ensure the monitoring of the CP1/ SESAR Deployment Programme, through the LSSIP+ tool – in full collaboration with the SESAR Deployment Manager;
  • allow States’ performance plans to be linked to the evolution of ATM.

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The 2021 Local single sky implementation (LSSIP) event is a one-day hybrid (on-site and online) event, focused on the most important developments for the 2021 LSSIP+ cycle. This event is open to all LSSIP focal points and experts representing the States, the NSAs, the air navigation service providers, the airports and the military organisations. Learn more here!

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We support the ATM community to plan and report their ATM Master Plan (level 3) implementation progress.