13th air traffic management research and development seminar

The solutions to today's and future challenges are being addressed right now in research and development labs around the world. It is cutting edge material like this that is presented and discussed at the ATM R&D Seminar. There is a need to coordinate and develop solutions that are globally relevant, encompassing SESAR, NextGen and other international programs.

To facilitate this, EUROCONTROL and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration are organising the 13th edition of the international seminar for Air Traffic Management Research and Development (ATM R&D). The seminars promote international collaboration, create and reinforce relationships between leading ATM experts and researchers world-wide, and encourage discussion and consensus on major issues.


Our 2019 event will cover the following topics: 

  • Network and strategic flow optimisation;
  • Trajectory prediction and trajectory and queue management;
  • Separation;
  • Enhanced surveillance and navigation;
  • Integrated airport/airside operations;
  • Economics, finance and policy;
  • Globally interoperable systems and data;
  • ATM performance measurement and management;
  • Safety, resilience and security;
  • Environment and energy efficiency;
  • Weather in ATM;
  • Human factors;
  • Autonomous, unmanned and remotely piloted aircraft systems;
  • Complexity science, analytics and big data for ATM.

The seminar will start with a registration and cocktail reception on Monday evening and close on Friday around noon. 

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