Alan Marsden

Alan Marsden

Technical Expert

Alan Marsden joined EUROCONTROL in 1995. His early years within the organisation were spent working on simulations contributing to the development of automated controller tools and strip-less ATC systems. He then worked on the development of the European Capacity Planning process in close collaboration with the Member States and he also led EUROCONTROL’s very first ‘Constraints to Growth’ project.

He then spent several years on detachment to Air France working in their Flight Operations Department in the areas of route planning and analysis, in particular preparing the arrival into the fleet of the A380. Before returning to EUROCONTROL, he represented Air France in a joint project with the DSNA and Aéroports de Paris in an activity which ultimately led to the implementation of Airport Collaborative Decision Making in Paris CDG.

More recently, he has led EUROCONTROL’s contribution to the Airport Operations Management concept in SESAR as well as EUROCONTROL’s future contribution to the Total Airport Management project in SESAR2020.

Alan Marsden has led the development of a multi-stakeholder collaborative decision making simulation platform which is being used extensively both within the SESAR programme and also by a number of airports as part of their deployment of the Airport Operations Centre.