EUROCONTROL Stakeholder Forum


EUROCONTROL Stakeholder Forum

Dealing with the key issues to build back better aviation.

EUROCONTROL Stakeholder Forum


We are delighted to launch a new series of webinars which is designed to bring the whole aviation community together to discuss, on a strategic and technical level, how to “build back better" European aviation after COVID-19, in which we will be inviting top practitioners who will share their insights on key topics for the future of European aviation.

Strategic webinars

How can we accelerate aviation’s recovery? What will aviation look like after COVID-19?  How can we deliver solutions which will help us achieve more sustainable, scalable and cost-effective aviation? How can we facilitate decision-making in our industry in order to drive change? 

These are some of the big questions which our strategic webinars will be focusing on, as we look to recover from the massive blow dealt to all industry actors by COVID-19.


EUROCONTROL Stakeholder Forum on industry recovery


EUROCONTROL Stakeholder Forum on sustainability


EUROCONTROL Stakeholder Forum on digitalisation

Technical webinars

Complementing the strategic webinars, the technical webinars, will be looking at the priority areas derived from Europe’s most relevant aviation strategies.

Stakeholders, representing various perspectives, will discuss these areas, including sustainability, digitalisation, U-space, artificial intelligence, civil-military interoperability, and explore how they can drive performance in our industry, making it more resilient and sustainable.

Making our audience part of the event

Each webinar will feature a Q&A session, in which we will open the floor to participants to allow them to put questions to our panellists in order to make the discussions as relevant and interactive as possible.