Future Airport Strategies


The "FAST" (future airport strategies) project aims at covering the lack of the existing literature in terms of analysing airport differentiation and its associated impact on traffic distribution.

FAST will start by analysing the current airport services differentiation practices towards airlines and passengers, and will figure out what could be the future evolution of airport strategies in terms of service quality differentiation and competition.

Outputs of these analyses will then be useful when performing the last part of the study, aiming at identifying the past changes in traffic distribution that occurred in the last 10 years for airports being used by low-cost carriers and building scenarios of evolution trends in traffic distribution between airports at a 10 years time horizon.

Start date and duration

This project started in January, 2008, and finished in March, 2009.


Our partners/contractors are:
  • M3 SYSTEMS (France), the main contractor;
  • the University of Zilina (Slovakia), a sub-contractor; and
  • ENAC (France), a sub-contractor.

Project deliverables


  Acrobat Actual air transport situation and market environment (D1)
  Acrobat Summary of current status (D2)


  Acrobat Impacts of airport strategies on traffic distribution (D3)

For more information

If you would like more information, please contact:
Patricia Cauwenbergh
Last validation: 15/12/2009