The Co-ordinated Airport Through Extreme Decoupling


The planning of activities at airports is a complex problem. With the introduction of CDM (collaborative decision making) and SWIM (system-wide information management), the amount of available information increases and the complexity of making a timely and consistent plan also increases significantly. One idea is to define a total airport plan.

Extreme decoupling is a technique to decouple constraints from planners and let, through anonymous and generalised constraints, all partners in the network set up their own plans individually and distributed after which the plans together will constitute a globally consistent airport plan. Central in this approach is the assumption that local parties are in the best position to plan their own resources and activities.

Start date and duration

This project started in December, 2006, and was stopped at the end of the first year, the feasibility phase.


Our partners/contractors were:
  • the NLR (the Netherlands), the main contractor; and
  • the Algorithms Group at the Technical University Delft (the Netherlands), a sub-contractor.

Project deliverables

For more information

If you would like more information, please contact:
Alan Marsden
Project Officer (EEC)
Philippe Joppart
Project Officer (EHQ)
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