Aircraft-based Concept Developments


The project investigated a new approach to the ATFM process, aiming at enhancing the efficiency of the slot allocation process and making the best use of available capacity in order to reduce the actual delays assigned to the aircraft. The main idea is to make the CFMU process evolve from a departures-based ATFM process, as it is today, to an aircraft-based ATFM process. In this context, the CFMU would focus on controlling and managing individual aircraft movements instead of individual flights. If the ATFM process were based on aircraft management rather than on flight plans, it would, for example, be possible to better anticipate re-allocation of capacity.

Start date and duration

This project started in January, 2007, and finished in Spring, 2009.


Our partners/contractors were:
  • ADVSystems (France), the main contractor; and
  • ALG (Spain), the sub-contractor.

Project deliverables


  Acrobat Work Package 1: State of the art aircraft-based concept consolidation
  Acrobat Work Package 2
  Acrobat Aircraft-based concept developments (November, 2007)


  Acrobat Report on the benefits and costs of an ABCD implemention at airline level
  Acrobat ABCD tool prototype definition
  Acrobat Simulation method and scenario definition for the unused ATFM slots analysis
  Acrobat Simulation results analysis for the unused ATFM slots study


  Acrobat ABCD tool upgrade - some perspectives
  Acrobat Tool prototype development and airline validation results
  Acrobat Final ABCD report

For more information

If you would like more information, please contact:
Marc Dalichampt
Project Officer (EEC)
Marcel Richard
Project Officer (EHQ)
Last validation: 15/12/2009