3D-in-2D Planar View Display


The "3D-in-2D Planar View Display" project proposed a 3-year programme to develop a visualisation system for air traffic management in which a localised 3D perspective view of the airspace can be displayed on demand, integrated within the context of a 2D planar ATC radar display.

It was proposed to:
  • develop a localised dynamic 3D-in-2D form visualisation to provide support for spatial awareness of tactical air traffic control situations;
  • integrate the 3D visualisation into a 2D plan view radar display, and not as a separate display or window, eliminating the need to switch views; and
  • incorporate temporal dimension design in the localised 3D representation to support temporal reasoning.

Start date and duration

This project started in January, 2007, and finished in December, 2009.


Our partners/contractors were:
  • Middlesex University (UK), the main contractor; and
  • Space Applications Services (Belgium), a sub-contractor.

Project deliverables


  Acrobat 3D-in-2D displays for ATC
  Acrobat Architecture and common simulation engine (D1.3)
  Acrobat Innovation and consolidation report
  Acrobat Innovative concepts and their design rationale (D1.2)


  Acrobat ATC SIM and experimentation test bed (D2.1)
  Acrobat Cockpit display concepts and software prototypes (D4.3)
  Acrobat Cockpit information and spatial temporal needs (D4.2)
  Acrobat Design for pattern recognition in spatial awareness (D2.4)
  Acrobat Review of alternate display technologies (D2.3)
  Acrobat Review of cockpit displays design (D4.1)
  Acrobat Review of SESAR challenges (D2.5)
  Acrobat Year 1 prototypes evaluation (D2.2)


  Acrobat Cockpit display design evaluation (D4.4)
  Acrobat CWP design concepts report and software prototypes (D3.1)
  Acrobat CWP design evaluation report (D3.2)

For more information

If you would like more information, please contact:
Alan Drew
Project Officer (EEC)
Last validation: 15/12/2009