The CARE Projects

The "Co-operative Actions of R&D in EUROCONTROL" (CARE) programme was set up in 2000 and ran until 2009.

Our partners

The spirit of the CARE programme was to open the floor to external bodies, such as:
  • universities,
  • R&D centres, and
  • industrial R&D units,
to propose projects that were aimed at developing both innovative ideas, in new or emerging technologies applied to ATM, or new ATM concepts, or a combination of both.

Call for ideas

Competitive calls for proposals were issued to find R&D departments interested in this type of work. Projects could be run for up to 3 years. The CARE INO programme provided all, or part of, the funding.

The selection process

The selection and review of the projects was performed by the EUROCONTROL Innovative Research Advisory Board (IRAB), which was composed of 7 experts (in ATM and beyond), most of whom were external to EUROCONTROL.

The first year of the cycle was dedicated to refining the proposed innovation. At the end of the first year, the IRAB reviewed each project to decide if it should be continued.

The projects

  HTML CARE-INO III (2007-2009)
  HTML CARE-INO II (2004-2006)
  HTML CARE-INO I (2001-2003)
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