Fast-time Simulation Tools

The fast-time simulation tools that are maintained and exploited by the EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre (EEC) are:
  • AirTOp - Air Traffic Optimization
  • RAMS Plus - Re-organized ATC Mathematical Simulator
  • TAAM - Total Airspace & Airport Modeller, and
  • CAST - Comprehensive Airport Simulation Technology
which are COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) software products provided by industry.


AirTOp (Air Traffic Optimization) is an open and modular fast-time simulation platform that can be used in the context of Departure, En-Route, Approach simulations as well as for Airport Ground Movements studies.

A Network/ATFCM module is under development for concept investigation and performance studies within the framework of SESAR. The objective is to have an adequate facility for the measurement of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for most of the SESAR Key Performance Areas (KPAs) - e.g. Capacity, Cost Effectiveness, Efficiency, Environment, Flexibility, Interoperability, Participation, Predictability, Safety.
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The RAMS Plus tool (from ISA Software) is used to perform airspace studies. It features:
  • a capacity and workload simulator,
  • a sector opening hours simulator,
  • a MESEC (multi-executive sector) simulator, and
  • a gate-to-gate simulator.
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The TAAM tool (from Jeppesen) is mainly used to perform airport and terminal area studies. It features:
  • a ground movements simulator,
  • a ground delay simulator, and
  • a gate-to-gate simulator.
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The CAST tool (from ARC [Airport Research Center GmbH], Aachen, Germany) is used to perform airport studies in the context of the Total Airport Management project. It features:
  • integrated simulation of all airport processes related to passengers, vehicles, and aircraft;
  • traffic generation and dynamic resource allocation;
  • simulation of communication and information flow (including all CDM [collaborative decision making] messages);
  • 3D virtual airport environment and multi-agent technology; and
  • determination of the efficiency of the airport system and the operational management.
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The integration of all CAST components is part of a joint development of the EEC and ARC.
Last validation: 29/06/2011