The aim of the GENSPACE project is to provide a generic airspace and associated environment for familiarisation and testing.


As a result of the successful ATCI Fam (Air Traffic Control Interactive Real-time simulation) which took place at the EEC between April 29 and May 10, 2002, it has been decided to create a dedicated airspace that can be used for this type of project on an ongoing basis, and also in an experimental context as a test airspace for new concepts and new functionality.

A need has been identified to develop and refine a small multi-sector simulation platform to create and demonstrate what it is like to interact as a controller in an ATC environment. The ATC Fam activity offered access to anybody in the EEC to experience such an event and has created an added awareness and interest in ATC and ATM. It is the intention to continue to offer within the EEC this type of familiarization simulation to include other interested parties within the Agency. There is the intention to extend the initial scope of the familiarisation activity to provide a small reference airspace platform for validation and testing.


There are two objectives:
  • To create a generic airspace with an appropriate HMI and support material (CDROM) for ATC familiarisation training at the EEC.
  • To develop the generic airspace to be available to any user for early testing of new ATM concepts and functionality at the EEC; to be treated as Phase 2.


Interaction of participating personnel in ATS operations in an environment containing a mix of Departing/Arriving traffic at airports and En-route traffic.

Expected Results

Participants to gain an insight into the work of an Air Traffic Controller and ATM.

For More Information

If you would like more information, contact:
Louis Sillard
GENSPACE Project Manager
  Last validation: 13/10/2006