EEC Technical/Scientific Reports (2005)


  HTML Collaborative Decision Making at Lisbon Airport
  HTML Paradigm SHIFT - Operational Concept Document


  HTML Impact de la Responsabilité Juridique dans le Domaine du Contrôle du Trafic Aérien
  HTML London Heathrow CDM WP1
  HTML Speech Watermarking for Air Traffic Control
  HTML System Architecture of the Onboard Aircraft Identification Tag (AIT) System


  HTML Adaption of Workload Model by Optimisation Algorithms and Sector Capacity Assessment
  HTML Aircraft Retrofit Action to Comply to the 8.33kHz Vertical Expansion Programme (above FL195)...


  HTML Further Analysis of the 5A Attitudinal and Stated Preference Data Sets - Final Report


  HTML Introduction of a B-CDA trial at Manchester Airport
  HTML CoSpace 2004: Aircraft Guidance Model Based Experiments - Analysis of Interaction of Airborne...
  HTML Supporting CFMU/FMD in ATFM Operational Studies - Synthesis 2004
  HTML 2004 Baseline Integrated Risk Picture for Air Traffic Management in Europe


  HTML Final Report on the SAFLearn Process & Results on the Iterative Validation and Process of Refinement
  HTML Improved Configuration Optimiser Methodology to use a Decision Support Tool
  HTML Improved Configuration Optimiser Technical Documentation
  HTML Towards an Approach to Building Safety into Design
  HTML Changes in ATM Safety Culture due to new Technology
  HTML Airspace Complexity & Safety Analysis Hazard & Operability (HAZOP)
  HTML Paradigm Shift Research Agenda


No documents are available.


  HTML European ACAS Operational Monitoring 2003 Report
  HTML Summary Report of the EVP AMAN Rome Real-time Simulation 2004


  HTML CoSpace 2004 Controller Model-based Study Assessment of Airborne Spacing Tasks in the TMA
  HTML Airport Local Quality Studies Concept Document
  HTML The Economic Catalytic Effects of Air Transport in Europe
  HTML ATM Market Evolution due to Deregulation
  HTML Airport CDM Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA), Report 2005
  HTML Development of a Mathematical Weighted Formula to Eliminate the Overlapping of Aircraft Labels on the...
  HTML GAES-Future Engine Technology Environmental Impact Study


  HTML ATM Contrail Mitigation Options - Environmental Study


  HTML Air Traffic Freeway System for Europe
  HTML Distributed Centralisation: A Speculative Approach to the Co-ordination of Airborne Conflict-free...


  HTML “Citizens” Study - Results of European Focus Groups Examining Public Perceptions of Air Transport...
  HTML Aircraft Particulate Matter Emission Estimation Through all Phases of Flight
  HTML Performance Parameters of Speed Control & the Potential of Lateral Offset
  HTML Improving the ATM Capacity by Functional Division of the Traffic: the Dual Airspace
  HTML Zurich Airport 2004, a Comparison of Modelled and Measured Air Quality

2005 (Month unknown)

  HTML Derivation of Smooth & Shift Parameters to Account for Source Dynamics in ALAQS-AV Emission Grids
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