A snapshot of some recent research and development activities - Spring, 2009

Resolution Advisories can be reliably monitored via Mode S

Displaying Traffic alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) Resolution Advisory (RA) information at the controller working position can potentially improve situational awareness and reduce the possibility of contradictory clearances being issued to an aircraft involved in an RA encounter. One of the initial conclusions from the PASS study is that RA encounters can be monitored reliably via Mode S radars.
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Watermarking embeds high rate data in air-ground speech

A four-year research thesis has demonstrated a powerful technique for embedding digital data in speech in a way that is unnoticeable to listeners. Error-corrected bit rates of about 500 bits per second can be achieved. This technique is particularly suitable for narrow-band speech, such as air-ground radio telephony for air traffic control. The scheme is highly robust to channel disturbance and outperforms state-of-the-art speech watermarking methods. Listen for yourself - do you notice the embedded data?
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Demonstrating an Enterprise Architecture approach for the SESAR Development Phase

In Summer 2008, an Enterprise Architecture demonstration study was launched with two main aims: firstly, to enable EUROCONTROL, the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU), its Industrial Support (EADS) and the SESAR partners to gain concrete experience of the benefits of using an Enterprise Architecture approach; and secondly to propose a framework for use within SESAR. The demonstration study has allowed the definition of an initial European ATM Enterprise Architecture (EAEA) framework and the validation of the approach showed that it is sufficiently well defined and robust for adoption in the Development Phase of SESAR. The nine deliverables resulting from the study and the initial framework are available online.
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Integrated Tower Working Position evaluated in 3D tower simulator

The Integrated Tower Working Position (ITWP) has been evaluated for the first time using a realistic operational setting with an external tower view of Paris CDG airport. The ITWP integrates data from the main control tower systems. It has now been connected with the tower simulator at the EUROCONTROL training institute in Luxembourg. Controllers from five countries were able to handle busy traffic using new features including the Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS)routing function and airport safety support tools. The ITWP is now in an advanced state of development and will be used as a validation platform in SESAR.
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Standard Airport Taxi Routes are not essential for the implementation of the A-SMGCS Routing Function

A study to assess the use of Standard Airport Taxi Routes (SATR) at major airports has indicated that not all airports are able to implement SATRs, or benefit from them. The frequency of route changes was independent of the level of taxi routing standardisation and the majority of route changes tend to be given to arriving flights to avoid departing flights which are pushing back. The conclusions of the study are important for the future development and implementation of the Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) routing function.
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New release of BADA aircraft performance model with support services

BADA (Base of Aircraft Data) is the world’s leading aircraft performance model. The latest version, BADA 3.7, makes use of the best aircraft performance data available to EUROCONTROL and an advanced, newly developed modelling environment to provide completely revised models. It marks the starting point for more service-oriented support.
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Advanced Emission Model now available with support and maintenance services

A suite of tools has been developed for studying the environmental impact of changes to the air transport system such as the introduction of new runways, new ATC procedures, new routes, new aircraft types, increases in traffic etc. The first tool in the suite to be made available is the AEMIII Advanced Emission Model.
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Five major challenges of long-term air traffic growth

The 2008 update of the "Challenges of Growth" study predicts a doubling in the number of flights in Europe by 2030, despite the current economic downturn. This growth in traffic will bring five main challenges for the aviation industry: airport capacity; operating a congested network; environmental trade-offs; impact of climate change on demand and operations; institutional changes and social implications related to the Single European Sky (SES) and SESAR.
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Dependent on the Dark: an in-depth investigation of night and cargo traffic in Europe

The fifth volume in the series "Trends in Air Traffic" investigates two closely inter-related topics: night and cargo traffic. How have night time operations evolved in recent years? How do cargo operators meet their strict delivery commitments? These are just some of the topics addressed in this new volume.
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Building a Future ATM System with SESAR - course materials

In April, instructors from the EUROCONTROL Institute of Air Navigation joined forces with other experts from the EUROCONTROL Cooperative Network Design directorate to present a one week course on “Building a Future ATM System with SESAR”. The course provided participants with information about the SESAR concept and validation activities. Presentations, documents and other materials from the course are available online.
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