A snapshot of some recent, current and forthcoming activities - Autumn, 2008

Point Merge for Oslo, Dublin and Rome?

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Point Merge, an innovative procedure for merging arrival flows of aircraft, is being considered for implementation at Oslo, Dublin, and Rome. The EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre is working together with the Norwegian, Irish and Italian air navigation service providers (Avinor, IAA and ENAV) to assess its applicability.
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Bridging the gap between R&D and standards & regulation

SESAR will use standardisation and regulatory mechanisms to help ensure the coordinated and effective implementation of the future ATM system. Guidance material has been developed to complement the European Operational Concept Validation Methodology (E-OCVM) to help R&D validation programmes provide structured input to the Regulation and Standardisation Framework foreseen in the ATM Master Plan.
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Time-Based Separations: recovering runway throughput under headwind conditions

A real-time simulation has confirmed that time-based separations allow recovery of runway throughput under headwind conditions. A support tool for time-based separations was also considered helpful for other applications.

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Revising wake turbulence categories to gain capacity (RECAT)

RECAT is a EUROCONTROL-FAA initiative whose objective is to review the existing ICAO wake turbulence categories and associated pair-wise separation minima for both departure and arrival operations. The aim is to use up-to-date knowledge about the wake vortex phenomenon in order to propose new categories that will be more adapted to today’s aircraft and which will allow gains in runway capacity.
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New indicators for assessing flow management performance

Performance Review Commission Report 7 stated that "... ground regulations appear to be ineffective in controlling flows when demand is close to declared capacity (demand/capacity < 110%), yet cause significant delays." A study has made explicit additional objectives for imposing regulations, which include the need to smooth traffic and lessen uncertainty. New indicators have been defined to support CFMU reporting: their integration will be proposed at the next Operations and Development Sub-Group meeting in November, 2008.
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From analogue broadcast radio towards end-to-end communication

An innovative approach to ATC voice communication, with similarities to cell-based mobile phone systems, was presented at a recent aeronautical conference. In addition to reducing task load by making sector changes transparent for aircrews, the approach requires the bandwidth of only a single voice channel! A literature study, entitled "Taskload Generated by Frequent Sector Changes for Aircrews and Controllers", is also available.
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Channel estimation for aeronautical voice radio

When digital watermarks are inserted into ATC voice transmissions, it is important to understand the impact of channel characteristics on digital data. Six different approaches to estimating channel impulse responses are compared. Data sequences used for channel estimation are available in a public database.
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ASAS workshop presentations now online

The objective of this interim ASAS workshop, held in Rome in November, was to provide an update on recent ASAS (Airborne Separation Assistance System) progress and to bridge the gap between the ASAS-Thematic Network 2 and the proposed FAA/EUROCONTROL ASAS-Global Network.
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Safety researchers working towards common goals - presentations online

This year's EUROCONTROL sponsored Safety R&D Seminar took place on 22-24 October in Southampton, UK. There was a shared sense that researchers are working with the same aims – though of course not always with the same techniques.
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Some reminders ...

8th USA/EUROPE ATM Research and Development Seminar

The 8th USA/EUROPE Air Traffic Management Research and Development Seminar will take place in Napa, California, from 29 June – 2 July, 2009. The closing date for papers is 23 January, 2009.
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EUROCONTROL Innovative ATM Workshop and Exhibition

The EUROCONTROL Innovative ATM Workshop and Exhibition provides a forum for academic researchers and innovators from around the world to present and discuss ideas. The 7th Innovative Workshop will take place at the Experimental Centre from 2nd to 4th December, 2008.
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EEC activity report

Since mid-summer, the EEC activity report has been available for download. The Agency is currently undergoing an extensive reorganisation in order to further improve its performance and the quality of its service and products. This is an exciting new era, in which the long established research capabilities of the EEC will form a central element in the Agency's new Cooperative Network Design (CND) directorate. Consequently, the activities of the EEC for 2008 and beyond will form an integral part of the CND activity report. Further information about the new organisation will be published in the coming weeks on the Agency web site.
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