A snapshot of some recent, current and forthcoming activities - November, 2006

Merging arrival flows without heading instructions

A method based on simple TMA route design allows aircraft to be merged at a point using only direct-to instructions. The flight management system remains in lateral navigation mode throughout.
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Time Based Separation concept well accepted by approach controllers

Time based separation on final approach would allow major airports to regain throughput in strong headwind conditions. The concept was well accepted by approach and tower controllers from Paris Charles de Gaulle who participated in the real-time simulations earlier this year.
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ASAS recommendations for SESAR

The European Commission sponsored Airborne Separation Assistance Systems Thematic Network 2 (ASAS-TN2) project presented ASAS in a global context and made recommendations for ASAS in the Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) master plan.
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Advanced ASAS procedures for the North Atlantic

Three Airborne Separation Assistance System (ASAS) operational procedures for the North Atlantic track (NAT) system have been designed by the European Commission sponsored ASSTAR (Advanced Safe Separation Technologies and Algorithms) project. The procedures proposed for investigation by simulation in 2006/7 are: a more advanced form of the in-trail (level change) procedure, an in-trail follow procedure, and a procedure for self-separation on a track.
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Gate to Gate - Journey's End

The Gate to Gate project, which began back in 2002, has finished. 16 partners from across Europe, co-ordinated by Thales ATM, conducted 27 real and fast-time simulations evaluating concepts ranging from Improved Flow Management, through Integrated Departure and Arrival Management, Dynamic Re-sectorisation and Multi Sector Planning to Extended TMA design and operations. The final user forum took place in October.
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An integrated stakeholder approach to an initial assessment of the SESAR concept

EUROCONTROL's Mid-Term Concept Validation Programme (MTV) and the European Commission project Episode 3 will jointly undertake a first assessment of the SESAR Concept of Operations, performing a key role in “Single European Sky Implementation Support through Validation.”
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Speech watermarking with up to 2000 bits per second

Speech watermarking hides digital data in an analogue voice signal. The Aircraft Identification Tag (AIT) project is investigating the use of watermarking for automatic identification of the aircraft transmitting on the ATC voice radio, thereby increasing safety and security. No modification of existing aircraft or ground radios is needed. Recent research shows that in ideal conditions the data rate can be increased to up to 2000 bits per second to accommodate additional information such as aircraft position, encrypted authentication or speech quality enhancement data.
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Total Airport Management: a step beyond airport airport CDM

Total Airport Management extends the airport collaborative decision making (CDM) environment so that all partners can constantly maintain a joint Airport Operations Plan to support performance-based airport management. The TAM approach is human centred, pro-active and aligned with existing concepts and systems. TAM can either be instantiated as a physical Airport Operations Centre (APOC) or as a virtual environment according to the size and needs of the airport.

Flight Prioritisation Concept

The cost of delays varies greatly between flights when these delays impact network connectivity. Delays lead to additional costs such as passenger compensation and disruption to fleet and crew management. A concept and prototype are proposed to help air transport actors move towards a consensus on flight prioritisation.
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Building a baseline for landside modelling

Within the context of airport collaborative decision making (CDM), the Experimental Centre is working with available partners to model passenger processes throughout the air terminal. The aim is to understand the interaction with other airport processes, and investigate how new technology and redefined processes could be better integrated in the overall management of the airport, for example to reduce process time and increase predictability.
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How good is safety culture in your ANSP?

A safety culture measurement tool and safety culture guidance are being developed at the Experimental Centre. Feedback from ANSP (Air Navigation Service Provider) Safety Managers was captured during a 2-day workshop. There were many fruitful discussions regarding ANSP experiences in improving safety culture.
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Call for Papers, ATM R&D Seminar 2007, Barcelona, Spain

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