Attitudes to Change in ATM Operations: Introduction of CDA Trials at Manchester, Bucharest, and Stockholm

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This study seeks to improve the understanding of attitudes to change in ATM. It attempts to delineate the barriers to, and drivers of, such change, within the societal context. For example: how directly and how intensely do ATC personnel and pilots feel community pressure and through what processes?

The study is generic in its approach and is based on 82 structured interviews with controllers and pilots, plus other interviews with airline managerial / training captains, controller supervisors, CDA designers and airport authority representatives. The need is identified to assess attitude to change at both the organisational and individual levels, for both macro-level and micro-level objectives. This report details the methodology and presents the results from the case studies - the introduction of continuous descent approach trials at Manchester, Bucharest and Stockholm-Arlanda airports.
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Cook, A. and Tanner, G.

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November, 2007




attitudes to change, societal demand, societal impact, assessment framework, survey, continuous descent approach, green approach, "Seven Stages of Change" model, ATM, noise

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EEC Note 2007/08
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