Review of Techniques to Support the EATMP Safety Assessment Methodology

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This report presents the main results of a survey conducted, aimed at collecting and evaluating techniques and methods that can be used to support the guidelines of the EATMP Safety Assessment Methodology (SAM). Over 500 techniques were collected that can possibly support SAM. Nineteen of these techniques have subsequently been selected for more detailed evaluation along a template format. These 19 techniques are believed to be able to support the SAM either immediately, or with some tailoring or adaptation to the ATM context. The report explains how the collection process was organised, presents statistics on the 500 collected techniques, explains how 19 techniques were selected from these 500, explains how the template format was developed, and gives the detailed evaluation results for the 19 selected techniques. In addition, it provides techniques that are judged to be significantly important and therefore deserve further development. Many details are provided in a separate Technical Annex.
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Everdij, M.

Issue date

January, 2004




safety assessment techniques & methods, EATMP SAM, air traffic management


EEC Technical/Scientific Report No. 2004-001

Also known as

EEC Note 2004/01
Last validation: 11/08/2008