Providing answers on how we can make aviation sustainable together

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Marylin Bastin

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Marylin Bastin
Head of Aviation Sustainability

Welcome to the first issue of the EUROCONTROL Aviation Sustainability Briefing that aims to provide answers on how we can make aviation sustainable together. From our unique position at the centre of European aviation, we see many concrete achievements and initiatives that address the issues of climate impact, noise and air quality.

This briefing is part of EUROCONTROL’s initiative to provide key information guiding decisions that will improve aviation’s environmental footprint, both at policy and industrial level. Its outreach is not just for those of you working in aviation. It includes everyone who is concerned about aviation’s impact on the environment and wants to know more about the possibilities and trends of the future.

At EUROCONTROL we are working on a number of sustainability services to reach the shared vision of a carbon-neutral industry by 2050. We operate the Emissions Trading Scheme and CORSIA Support Facilities to help competent authorities and aircraft operators to meet their obligations. We develop innovative environmental impact assessment tools like IMPACT and OPEN-ALAQS. We participate in innovation projects within the scope of SESAR, and also with operational stakeholders. We contribute to a better understanding of environmental performance by providing data, action plans and recommendations, and by developing (e)-trainings and webinars.

Aviation is transitioning to carbon neutrality; many solutions are developed and being implemented by our partners in the industry. I am excited that our first edition features two of these partners with trailblazing solutions for the reduction of aviation’s carbon footprint: Airbus’ fello’fly project and NESTE’s sustainable aviation fuels.

Enjoy the reading and please let us have your feedback on this newsletter!

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