Aviation Sustainability Briefing #5 - Editor's note

Marylin Bastin

Marylin Bastin

Head of Aviation Sustainability

Welcome to our fifth edition of the EUROCONTROL Aviation Sustainability Briefing.

If we need to remember only one key message from the EUROCONTROL Aviation Sustainability Summit, I would keep this very inspiring sentence from Mr Bertrand Piccard:

“Many people have told me things are impossible. But the impossible exists only in the mindset of people who believe that the future is an extrapolation of the past.” 

Bertrand Piccard Initiator and Chairman, Solar Impulse Foundation

Reaching net zero emissions by 2050 is challenging, yes, but not impossible. We have a plan requesting the collaboration of all partners within the aviation sector and if we are to overcome this historic challenge of aviation decarbonisation, innovative solutions may also come from outside our sector. We need to embrace change and new ways of thinking.

Our aviation decarbonisation roadmap also includes very concrete steps and I am delighted that EUROCONTROL Director General Eamonn Brennan has made this very clear in his intervention to our high-level audience at the Summit. The different speakers and panellists have explained some of the economic, technical and operational challenges we need to overcome and presented a variety of concrete solutions. Now, we need to focus on implementing these solutions all together.

Solar Impulse pioneer Bertrand Piccard

Therefore, we have dedicated this special edition of our EUROCONTROL Aviation Sustainability Briefing to the discussions and interventions at our Summit. I hope you will find it as interesting as I do and I wish you a great and peaceful start into the holiday season!

Best regards,

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