Aviation Sustainability Briefing #3 - Editor's note

Marylin Bastin

Editorial by
Marylin Bastin
Head of Aviation Sustainability

Welcome to our third edition of the EUROCONTROL Aviation Sustainability Briefing.

I am delighted that in our 3rd edition of the EUROCONTROL Aviation Sustainability Briefing EUROCONTROL Director General Eamonn Brennan gives our readers a preview of some of the key findings of our upcoming study on the climate change risks for European aviation. The study results will quantify future climate change risks and help aviation to identify and to implement appropriate adaptation responses.

Many airports around the world, supported by the Airports Council International Associations, are already working at full speed on assessing their need to adapt to climate change. It is my pleasure that for this edition ACI World’s Juliana Scavuzzi has shared her experience and recommendations on climate adaptation with us.

Contributing to an informed debate is a priority for EUROCONTROL as we work closely with all partners in the aviation sector to support aviation’s sustainability transition. The possibility of shifting air traffic to rail in order to reduce transport emissions and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 has become a frequent suggestion in the political decarbonisation discussion. EUROCONTROL recently examined this proposal with the Think Paper “Plane and Train: Getting the Balance Right”, looking closely at the environmental, economic and societal implications an increased shift to rail would have as part of a wider green, smart and affordable mobility approach. The Paper explores the consequences of a potential substitution of short distance air travel by high-speed rail, and reveals the lack of data on the cost, actual capacity and environmental impacts of extending the high-speed rail infrastructure.

As a reaction to our Think Paper, I thank François Dejean, Head of Group - Climate Change Mitigation, Energy and Transport at the European Environment Agency for sharing his insight on the plane/train debate with us. I hope you will find it as interesting as I do. Enjoy reading our Briefing and have a great summer!

EUROCONTROL Aviation Sustainability Briefing Card

EUROCONTROL Aviation Sustainability Briefing Issue #3

EUROCONTROL Aviation Sustainability Briefing Card

EUROCONTROL Aviation Sustainability Briefing Issue #3

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