Aviation Sustainability Briefing #2 - Editor's note

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Marylin Bastin

Editorial by
Marylin Bastin
Head of Aviation Sustainability

Welcome to our second edition of the EUROCONTROL Aviation Sustainability Briefing.

Having had the opportunity to speak at a number of aviation sustainability events in the past weeks, I can see that the appetite of our sector for news and exchanges on decarbonisation solutions such as sustainable aviation fuels or hydrogen technology is strong. We are at a moment in time that will prove to be a turning point for aviation as we gear up for the future together to truly transform the sector and move towards our joint goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2050.

At EUROCONTROL we have asked ourselves “How can we make every flight as environmentally friendly as possible?” – not only focusing on reducing CO2 emissions but equally taking into account the importance of reducing non-CO2 emissions from aviation and noise. You can find our answers to this question in our new EUROCONTROL Think Paper “Flying the perfect green flight”. Already today a lot can be done to make flights greener at every stage of a journey and by every actor involved. We estimate that per flight up to 4,286 kg of CO2 emissions (25.8%) could be eliminated by 2030 compared to 2019. Better use of fuel-efficient air traffic management improvements could deliver 8.6%-11.2% of those reduced CO2 emissions per flight. And let’s not forget one of aviation’s greatest prospects: the progress our sector will be able to make as aircraft technologies in the form of hybrid, fully-electric and hydrogen airplanes advance in the coming decades.

I am excited about the developments to come and I invite you to read our stories about hydrogen technology, EUROCONTROL’s cooperation with DLR on contrail prevention and where we are with the two emission reduction instruments for aviation: the EU’s Emission Trading System and ICAO’s CORSIA.

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