Crisis Management

The Network Manager has been given particular responsibility for managing crises in Europe’s ATM network.

It’s a responsibility we take very seriously indeed - all day, all night, 24/7, we are on watch for anything that could upset the network.  The Network Manager is constantly on guard and is ready to spring into action instantly.

See how we do it in this dossier

In this dossier (see opposite), you’ll find out how we manage crises:

  • and the tools used in times of crisis, such as the EVITA 'interactive visualisation tool' which helps us mitigate the impact of crises,
  • how we deal with very bad weather (example from the snow in 2012),
  • how we handled the treat of the uncontrolled re-entry of the Russian satellite,
  • and finally, we give a brief overview of the threats that bad space weather presents to aviation.

Real time information and crisis procedures

The network Manager in times of crisis

The Network Manager can assist in regulating or in stopping traffic from flying to an affected airport, and for helping aircraft stuck there to leave.

Disruption procedure and crisis management (EACCC)

The European Aviation Crisis Coordination Cell (EACCC) was established by EU Transport Ministers on 11 May 2010 with the help of EUROCONTROL. Its aim is to respond to crisis situations like the volcanic ash disruptions of April and May 2010. More

Network Operations Plan Portal (NOP)

The Network Operations Portal (NOP) was developed by EUROCONTROL to share with the aviation community a common view of the ATM situation across Europe.  Check it out for live updates on what is going on in the network.

Tools available in times of crisis

This page summarises the different tools available in times of crisis. More


For any more information on crisis management or on the crisis management workshop, don't hesitate to contact Žarko Sivcev.

In this dossier

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