At EUROCONTROL, we support airspace users and industry by keeping them up-to-date on aeronautical information service (AIS) publications that may have an impact on air traffic service (ATS) route network changes.

The table below, updated as new information comes in, provides a quick overview of information made available by ECAC and neighbouring States for the next 3 AIRAC cycles.

ECAC State Reference document
AIRAC 6 OCT 2022 (2210) AIRAC 3 NOV 2022 (2211) AIRAC 1 DEC 2022 (2209)
Albania (LA) NIL NIL  
Armenia (UD) NIL NIL  
Austria (LO) AMDT 263/22 AMDT 264/22  
Azerbaijan (UB) NIL    
Belgium (EB) AMDT 009/22 AMDT 010/22  
Bosnia and Herzegovina (LQ) NIL AMDT 005/22  
Bulgaria (LB) NIL AMDT 08/22  
Croatia (LD) AMDT 009/22 AMDT 10/22  
Cyprus (LC) NIL NIL  
Czech Republic (LK) AMDT 9/22 AMDT 10/22  
Denmark (EK) AMDT 06/22 AMDT 07/22  
Estonia (EE) AMDT 10/22 AMDT 11/22  
Finland (EF) AMDT 005/22    
France (LF) AMDT 10/22    
Georgia (UG) NIL NIL  
Germany (ED) AMDT 10/22 AMDT 11/22  
Greece (LG) AMDT 09/22 NIL  
Hungary (LH) AMDT 006/22    
Iceland (BI) AMDT 005/22    
Ireland (EI) AMDT 010/22    
Italy (LI) AMDT A9/22 AMDT 10/22  
Latvia (EV) NIL AMDT 007/22  
Lithuania (EY) NIL AMDT 004/22  
Malta (LM) AMDT 5/22    
Moldova (LU) NIL AMDT 05/22  
Netherlands (EH) AMDT 10/22 AMDT 11/22  
North Macedonia (LW) NIL    
Norway (EN) AMDT 10/22    
Poland (EP) AMDT 256/22 AMDT 257/22  
Portugal (LP) AMDT 004/22    
Romania (LR) AMDT 09/22 AMDT 10/22  
Serbia / Montenegro (LY)   AMDT 6/22  
Slovakia (LZ) AMDT 238/22 AMDT 239/22  
Slovenia (LJ) NIL AMDT 120/22  
Spain (LE & GC) AMDT 11/22 AMDT 12/22  
Sweden (ES) NIL AMDT 6/22  
Switzerland (LS) AMDT 008/22 AMDT 009/22  
Türkiye (LT) AMDT 09/22 AMDT 10/22  
Ukraine (UK) NIL NIL  
United Kingdom (EG) AMDT 10/22 AMDT 11/22  
State Reference document  
AIRAC 6 OCT 2022 (2210) AIRAC 3 NOV 2022 (2211) AIRAC 1 DEC 2022 (2212)
Algeria (DA) NIL NIL  
Belarus (UM) AMDT 003/22 NIL  
Egypt (HE) AMDT 3/22    
Greenland (BG) AMDT 06/22 AMDT 07/22  
Iran (OI) NIL NIL  
Iraq (OR)      
Israel (LL) NIL AMDT 004/22  
Jordan (OJ) AMDT 20/22
SUP 1/22
Kazakhstan (UA) AMDT 004/22 NIL  
Lebanon (OL)      
Libya (HL) NIL NIL  
Morocco (GM) AMDT 10/22    
Russian Federation/CIS (Ux) AMDT 10/22    
Syria (OS)      
Tunisia (DT)      
Turkmenistan (UT) AMDT 10/22    


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 covering changes to ATS Route Network and FRA
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