Digitalisation and information management

Supporting quality data exchanges for high-performance aviation.


In an increasingly data-reliant automated environment, the smooth and timely flow of accurate, high quality digital information between aviation actors is of critical importance.

EUROCONTROL contributes to the digitalisation of aviation by developing harmonised information exchange methods and by providing digital services.

EUROCONTROL’s standards, guidance and support material for digital information exchange give the aviation community a harmonised and consistent set of rules, protocols and information exchange models, facilitating interoperability across Europe and around the globe.

EUROCONTROL further supports digitalisation by providing the various data domains - including aeronautical information (AIM), meteorological information (MET) and flight and flow information (FF) - with relevant guidance, support materials and exchange models.

As Europe’s Network Manager, we play a central role in collecting, processing and distributing ATM information - and we make our digital services available to the aviation community.

We engage with our digital partners so as to achieve higher levels of automation and to boost operational efficiency and safety.

Network Manager business-to-business web services

More than 100 services and 200 organisations worldwide connect to the Network Manager, contributing to the growth of the aviation ecosystem by operationally developing connectivity in and beyond Europe, and creating economic value for the entire ATM user community.

2017 in numbers
10.6 million

Flights per year


minutes of ATFM delay per flight


Flights canceled due to strikes

1.3 million

minutes delay saved


ACCs operating Free Route Airspace

Projects and initiatives

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Aeronautical data and information quality


Aeronautical information management

AIM Toolkit

Aeronautical information management toolkit

AI as cyber-protection assistant: aviation-related document leaks


Air traffic services reporting officers briefing facility



Aeronautical Information Exchange Model


Aeronautical information forum

@IS Online

Aeronautical information services around the world


Air traffic management information reference model

AIRM area

Air traffic management information reference model community area


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